NYC Real Estate Advisors Announces the Addition of Anthony Davenport, Real Estate Finance Expert & Trainer

NYC Real Estate Advisors is announcing the addition of Anthony Davenport, Real Estate Finance Expert, to their outstanding team of Real Estate Training professionals. Anthony Davenport, CEO of Regal Financial Credit Repair brings to NYC Real Estate Advisors his eight years of mortgage experience at companies such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

New York, NY, October 14, 2011 --( Anthony has a down-to-earth and realistic approach to personal finance and real estate investing. Leveraging his many years of experience as a mortgage loan officer, he has mastered the art of preparing individuals for home-ownership and guiding them throughout the process.

The shifting real estate market has created amazing opportunities, whether to buy a home for discounted prices, or to obtain an historically low interest rate. The key is to help your clients be prepared well in advance so they can buy their dream home and you can close your deal.

Anthony’s role as a certified credit analyst also enables him to teach others how to manage credit and look attractive to prospective creditors, learn what creditors are looking for and how to achieve the perfect credit profile–all critical to achieving your real estate investment goals and the goals of your clients.

Anthony has appeared in several articles; been interviewed by Al Gore’s television station, CurrentTV and has recently had a client featured in the New York Times Real Estate section. His focus on personal attention and integrity has helped him build many valuable relationships that continue to speak volumes about his ability to help others succeed in real estate.

Mark Maimon, Sales Director at Universal Mortgage and one of the top 100 mortgage brokers in the country states:

“I have been recommending my clients to Anthony for credit repair consistently for over 2 years. I'm still shocked at the derogatory credit items that he can get removed from credit reports and the speed at which he can get them removed. As a result of my relationship with Anthony, I have literally made thousands of dollars from closings where he helped turn impossible transactions into closings.”

In addition to his position as CEO of Regal Financial, Anthony is a highly acclaimed instructor at the New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI), Manhattan’s premier real estate school. NYC Real Estate Advisors is excited to be adding his expertise to our unique training services.

NYC Real Estate Advisors opened their doors to fill a very particular niche within the real estate community—powerfully creative workshops for agents wrestling with the challenges of marketing their businesses and mastering the real estate industry. These are hands-on, interactive real estate workshops that combine practical instruction with creative training methods. NYC Real Estate Advisors provides training that makes learning and more importantly applying what you learn, exciting.

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Elizabeth Perea