The Being Well Center Sponsors 2nd Annual ADHD Awareness Week Expo

The Being Well Center, a world leader in ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment, is pleased to join the 2nd Annual ADHD Awareness Week Expo as a Platinum Sponsor.

Pittsburgh, PA, October 16, 2011 --( The Being Well Center has served patients worldwide for over 30 years, and joining the 2nd Annual ADHD Awareness Week Expo as a Platinum Sponsor fits the BWC’s mission to equip individuals and families with the tools, resources, and knowledge to thrive with ADHD in a practical, confident way. The online ADHD Awareness Week Expo, free to all participants, will be held during the week of October 16-22 and will feature experts, authors, service providers, and members of the ADD/ADHD community.

The Being Well Center is eager to participate in the ADHD Awareness Week Expo due to the organizations’ mutual goals of championing life success strategies for ADD/ADHD. The ADHD Awareness Week Expo hosts thousands of members of the ADD/ADHD community during the week-long online conference. A series of leading authorities on ADD/ADHD will present video tips and strategies while the member community will offer participants a chance to connect with other attendees 24-hours a day during the week’s conference.

“ADHD Awareness Week is about education and celebration – learning the particulars of the disorder and championing the successes that occur through effective treatment,” asserts BWC Associate Medical Director, Terri West, PA. “ADD is not an illness. Rather it is an inborn, internal difference. The sooner people accept ADD/ADHD and become aware of how to positively overcome the disorder, the sooner people will live full, successful lives. We are confident that the ADHD Awareness Week Expo will help thousands of people take strides in that direction.”

The Being Well Center’s Founder and Medical Director, Craig B. Liden, MD, agrees. “Even within the medical community,” he relates, “we see a great deal of misinformation about ADD and misguided treatment. Fortunately, The ADHD Awareness Expo can empower individuals affected with ADD/ADHD to make informed, involved decisions regarding treatment. ADD is a whole-person, whole-life issue, and the best treatment plans take into account the individual’s temperament, expectations, environment, challenges, and successes. Effective treatment demands a multi-disciplinary understanding of the disorder.”

The Being Well Center tackles ADHD on all fronts. A trans-disciplinary staff comprised of doctors, physicians assistants, nurses, dieticians, speech therapists, and counselors approach the challenges of ADD collaboratively and comprehensively. Jane Reck, Director of Clinical Services, shares, “At the Being Well Center, our entire staff embraces ADHD. It’s not a scary or embarrassing diagnosis to us. ADD is just another part of a person, like eye color, hair color, or height. We help our patients accept the limitations of ADHD and then move past the challenges to embracing their uniqueness.”

“We’re excited to see the ADHD Awareness Week make ADD/ADHD education and support available for free and in such a convenient online mode,” concludes Dr. Liden. “If one thing comes out of ADHD Awareness Week Expo,” he continues, “we want to embolden people to overcome the challenges of ADD/ADHD. For too long, people have been living with embarrassment and frustration. It’s time to bring order to this disorder.”

The ADHD Awareness Expo, an online event from October 16 – 22, 2011, brings together ADD/ADHD experts, service providers, authors and people affected by ADD/ADHD. The ADHD Awareness Expo is a free, virtual conference that allows attendees to join from anywhere in the world. For free registration, visit:

For over 30 years, The Being Well Center has been a world leader in diagnosing and treating ADHD. The BWC’s philosophy of customizing life strategies and medication regimens to each individual patient has enabled close to 10,000 people to overcome the challenges of ADD/ADHD. The BWC offers specialized programs for people struggling with weight loss and for college students overwhelmed by the social and academic rigors of college. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, The Being Well Center also hosts a community for people affected by ADD/ADHD through Facebook, Twitter, and The Being Well Center blog:

Dr. Craig Liden is available for workshops, presentations, and speaking engagements. Call The Being Well Center at 724.443.4120 or visit for more information.

Beth Hendrickson, Director of Marketing
The Being Well Center

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Beth Hendrickson