Apollo Safety Responds to Increased Radiation Levels by Offering Civil Defense Radiological Survey Meters

After the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, U.S residents fear the possibility for similar events could happen here. Apollo Safety is now offering radiation detection devices to consumers.

Fall River, MA, October 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- This year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami off the Japanese coast, and the resulting failure of the cooling system at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, has increased concerns about rising radiation levels, both overseas and here in the United States. U.S. citizens may not be experiencing direct radiation exposure from this event, but if a similar disaster were to happen here, the 104 nuclear reactors within the U.S. could be a source of concern. Apollo Safety now offers civil defense radiological survey meters and radiation detectors for consumers to monitor how much radiation they are being exposed to at any given time.

According to wikipedi.org, radiological survey meters were developed in the 1950s, when the Cold War had Americans worried about the threat of a nuclear attack. Apollo Safety has the CD V-750 and CD V-717 models available for consumers to purchase in preparation of a nuclear incident on American soil. The CD V-750 model was developed by Jordan Electronics, a division of the Victoreen Instrument Company, and is a dosimeter charger and comes with five dosimeter pens for wearing around the neck throughout the day to read the levels of radiation one is exposed to. The pen then resets to zero when placed on the charger and can be used then the next day, according to the website civildefensemuseum.com.

The CD V-717 model is also available from Apollo Safety and was produced by the Victoreen Instrument Company in 1964, and is used during fallout situations, when suspected radiation levels prevent users from going outside. The bottom chamber of this model detaches and stays outside and is connected by a wire running to the meter inside which reads radiation levels. The CD V-717 also comes with a vinyl bag to protect the bottom chamber from the elements and fallout, according to the website civildefensemuseum.com.

For more information regarding these radiation detectors, or to order, please call Apollo Safety at (800) 813-5408.

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