Flirt-Platform Matches Users by Taste in Music – Launched

Fellody is a flirt-platform that matches people based on their taste in music. is online since October 2011 and reached almost 18,000 Facebook fans within eight weeks before the official start.

Zurich, Switzerland, October 21, 2011 --( On 09/29/2011 a new kind of flirting community was launched. Fellody (fellow + melody) focuses on music taste as the major criteria for harmony between two people.

"Music is an important part of people's lives and reveals a lot about them, and their attitudes toward life and people around them," says Thomas Vatter, Co-Founder of Based on common interests in certain music genres, members of fellody are automatically matched for free with other like-minded members. Thanks to this new approach, fellody differs from other dating- and flirting-sites in quality and style. Especially for young adults, music plays a major role in their day-to-day lives, it determines their clothing style or even their political opinions, they go to the same places and belong to the same scenes. "These choices ultimately determine relationships and friendships, and are not simply an expression of music taste," explains Robin Simon, second founder of fellody.

The startup from Zurich uses the frequency of how often songs are played, genres, artists and other info to match members and display their likes and differences. Users contacting each other have a lot to talk about because music provides enough topics for communication and interaction.

Fellody analyzes taste in music with desktop client.

The music-based matchmaking site supports Apple iTunes and Windows Media Player. Members install a desktop client that can read their music-libraries; the client is not monitoring continually but can be updated with one click at any time. Users can also upload their iTunes XML manually if they prefer. Connections to other music-services are in development.

In addition, the new flirting/dating platform offers a questionnaire and several profile options to find matches. Of course, privacy is an important issue on fellody so members can also rely on industry standard settings such as “who is allowed to view profile details” or “what kind of notification emails do I wish to receive.”

The pre-launch of fellody already showed how many users where waiting for a flirting site that matches its members by their taste in music: Almost 18,000 fans liked the fellody facebook page within the eight weeks before the official launch.

Robin Simon
+41 44 463 25 48