Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor Takes the Platinum Award at Family Review Center

Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor, By Babysafe USA LLC, Takes The Platinum Award At Family Review Center

Bainbridge, NY, April 20, 2007 --( The Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor was selected as a recipient of the Platinum award when the judges saw the ability for parents to be warned when their infant is in distress and possibly save the life of the infant. Both easy and safe to use, the Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor while not a medical device has been used successfully by many parents who have testified as to the life saving difference this device proved to be for them and their baby.

Serena Phillips at Family Review Center was quick to offer her opinion of the Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor. “This is one of those products that when you have the opportunity to review it and see what a miracle this can be for families, you are in awe and cannot wait to share it with your audience.” Having witnessed the tragedy of the death of an infant in her own family, Serena feels a product such as this is not a luxury but a necessity for any child under the age of 1. She went on to share “We lose too many infants each year in this country, and parents do not realize how quickly it can happen even to the most prepared of parents. If a device such as this can save even one life, it is worth every penny. For less than the cost of purchasing a crib for a new baby, parents can buy the added security of knowing that if their baby stops moving or breathing they are going to know and know promptly. Hopefully this will give them the time to intervene successfully, as it has for multiple other parents who have shared their stories at the company’s website.”

Sarah at the Review Center shared the ease in setting up and using the device. “It is a simple pad you place under the mattress and connect to the control box. It runs on batteries, so there are no cords to plug in or to pose a choking or tangle hazard. The monitor then senses every breath and micro movement of the baby and if these slow down to signal distress, or stop for 20 seconds, the monitor will sound an alarm and wake the sleeping parent who can then come to the aid of the baby and revive them by offering vigorous stimulation, or by performing infant CPR if needed.”

The entire review team agreed that the Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor was one of the highlights of the review center thus far. “Knowing a product can mean a little one living who may have otherwise been lost, is no small thing,” shared Serena Phillips.

Review Contact: Serena Phillips

Company Contact: Lynn M. Baciuska Sr.

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