Voice123 Improves Standards of Connecting Voice Actors With Clients

Voice123 subscribed voice talents answered a survey revealing how they are quickly getting in contact with potential clients.

New York, NY, April 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Voice123 (http://voice123.com), the largest voice over marketplace where voice over talents promote their voice services and voice talent seekers find the best voices for their projects, published the results of a survey created to determine how fast where voice over talents able to get back to potential clients.

Voice123 serves as a tool that connects voice artists with voice talent seekers. Voice seekers become voice actors' potential clients when they post their voice over projects on the website or when they contact a talent directly after browsing the talent database. Now that Voice123 has provided a simple Internet communication channel between voice actors and voice seekers, the speed at which they can get in touch with each other has increased.

The survey revealed that 71% of all respondents are able to reply in a maximum of 1 to 2 hours, including those who are able to get back immediately or in less than an hour. 14% of all respondents can get back in 2 to 4 hours, a 10% in 4 hours to a day, and just a 4% in 2 days to a week.

The survey was carried out through the Voice Over Savvy Forum (http://voiceoversavvy.com), sponsored by Voice123 and that has become a very active online community in the voice over industry. The results where also published in the most recent Check 1, 2, 3 newsletter sent to registered voice over talents.

About Voice123

Voice123 (http://voice123.com) is an online voice over marketplace based in New York. With the largest online voice over talent database and a vast number of daily voice over project postings, Voice123 helps voice over talents to promote their voice services, and companies to find the best voice over for their projects. With a young, highly qualified, and technology-oriented team, Voice123 is always looking to provide an innovative service and be a world-class technology company.

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