Invitation: Quilt Around the World Organises an International Quilt Block Swap

Munich, Germany, October 26, 2011 --( The online magazine Quilt around the World ( has started a truly ambitious patchwork project – a global quilt block swap.

Invited are patchwork and quilt enthusiasts worldwide, no matter whether novices, occasional quilters or professionals. “We are not organising the patchwork and quilting world championships,” states Jutta Hufnagel, Managing Director of Quilt around the World GmbH. “For us, the main focus lies in the fun of working together with as many quilters from around the world as possible in this multi-national and cross-cultural quilt project.”

The quilters are asked to sew 12 quilt blocks according to their individual taste and quilt mastery. The blocks will then be swapped within internationally mixed teams. In order to achieve a great a diversity as possible there are next to no technique, colour or design restrictions. In the end, every participant will have the makings of a unique sampler quilt containing 12 different blocks from 12 different people around the world.

Participation in the International Block Swap is free. To cover the postage for the return of the individual sets of 12 different quilt blocks 10 € or 15 US$ will be charged. All monies left over will be donated to the humanitarian organisation Médecins sans Frontières.

The deadline for submitting the 12 blocks is 31 March 2012.

“We are hoping that this project will result in new quilt friendships being forged around the world,” Quilt around the World states as its declared goal. Therefore, quilters are being asked to enclose 12 picture postcards showing their home town, area or country with some information about themselves along with their 12 blocks.

All participants and anyone interested in the International Block Swap have the opportunity to follow the project’s progress via the Quilt around the World website, where they can find inspiration from free block patterns, tutorials and photos of already submitted blocks.

More information about how to participate can be found at

About Patchwork and Quilting:

Originally, “patchwork” was the sewing together of pieces of used but serviceable fabric to make practical quilt blankets, clothing, bags, cushions or wall hangings for daily use.

A quilt usually consists of three layers: a patchwork top, an interlining known today as batting, and a backing fabric. In order to prevent the single layers from shifting during use, they are sewn together with tiny stitches in decorative patterns either by hand or using a sewing machine. This work is called “quilting.”

About Quilt around the World:

Quilt around the World GmbH, headquartered in Munich, was founded in 2010 and provides an innovative, interactive and international online magazine for patchwork and quilting.

At quilters and other textile enthusiasts find comprehensive and well-structured information about quilting, patchwork and other forms of textile arts & crafts. Included are comprehensive tutorials, interviews, book- and product reviews, travel reports and a global event directory. All articles are available in both German and English.

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