Reality Releases Rajasthan Travel App for iPad and iOS Devices on iTunes Store

This App takes you to a photo journey of 7 cities and places to visit in Rajasthan. Information about each visited place is provided in detail. 180+ great photos, plus a section on music folk dance and attire of Rajasthan.

Pune, India, November 01, 2011 --( Reality Premedia Services Pvt Ltd introduces their Second App for iOS devices - The Rajasthan Travel App.

The "Land of Kings" – Rajasthan. A state that beautifully blends Rajputana gallantry with a cultural brilliance like no other place in India. A favourite with tourists the world over, Rajasthan has always been an epitome of royalty and rich culture.

Through this app, you will get a glimpse of forts & palaces, temples & dargahs, lakes & also the Thar desert, everything that makes Rajasthan an experience of a lifetime.

This collection of 180 plus pictures, videos and rich information about the places, music & culture of Rajasthan will take you through some of the most beautiful & historically relevant places of interest across 7 major cities. The app also has a special section dedicated to showcasing the very famous folk dance, music and attire.

You can also share your favorites with your friends via email and social networks. Truly a great guide if you're planning your next holiday in Rajasthan and also for those who love to find out about exciting places across the world.

You will be able to see the screenshots and buy this App on the Apple iTunes stores. Please use the URL below for the same.

This App has been optimized and is compatible to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later to run.

Reality has been providing multimedia CDROMs for Mac and PCs for the last 10 years. We have over 22 CD-ROM projects to our credit. From Indian classical music to tourist destinations from images to light music, our interactive CD product spectrum has a lot to offer. For interactive multimedia CD-ROM projects, we do in-depth research and study of the subject, conceptualization, interface design, audio, video, graphics, animation and voice over.

With the advent of new media and high acceptance of tablet devices they felt it was the right time to move some of these content to the new devices. The Snakes eGuide is the first of this conversion. We are also planning to convert the rest of their content CDROMs first to iOS devices and then to Android devices.

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