JT’s Top Shop Announces Addition of New Boat Canvas Supplies to Catalogue

Midland, Canada, November 04, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Leading Canadian-owned boat canvas supplies specialists JT’s Top Shop has recently announced that they’ve added several new products to their existing catalogue. These new solutions are designed to provide their clients around the globe with a wider range of choices when it comes to constructing their personalized vessels.

In recent years there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of people that have decided to take up boating as a hobby. This increase in popularity in the field is likely a result of the increasing availability of vessel construction solutions worldwide as well as the ease-of-access to boat construction information provided by the internet.

It is this increase in popularity that has seen specialists such as JT’s top shop become renowned partners to boaters around the globe, and now the company has announced that have added further solutions to the current catalogue, which includes every essential the modern boating enthusiast could ever need such as the latest boat canvas supplies and grommets.

Among the new additions to the company’s catalogue is the Seamark fabric by Haartz. This exceptional material is a waterproof Sunbrella style fabric that has been combined with a textured marine grade vinyl. This seamless combination assures boaters of the ideal blend of vinyl’s durability and an exuberant, highly attractive colour scheme with their fabric.

And for those looking for the very best fabric cleaner currently available within the marketplace, the company has added 303 fabric cleaner to their high class product catalogue. This solution is the requisite product for those heavy-duty cleaning jobs where other cleaning solutions simply won’t do.

By continuing to upgrade their product line, JT’s Top Shop remains Canada’s leader for the highly affordable boating supplies.

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