New Miami Real Estate Site in Spanish Opens to the Public

New real estate site opens in Miami to help Latin buyers understand the real estate process in the U.S. Website offers free guides and consultation.

Miami, FL, November 09, 2011 --( A new Miami real estate site, Casas en Miami, is set to open to the public. The site will target the Spanish market in Miami as there is a increasing demand for real estate services in Miami for people from South America.

This new site is opening as the demand for real estate services in Spanish keeps increasing as it is shown by recent statistics which show that over 30% of buyers of Miami real estate are foreigners.

This increasing demand is being fueled by a few different factors in Latin America. First, there is an increasing social unrest in countries such as Mexico which makes many people look for a safe place to raise their families.

Another important factor is the strong valuation of local currencies when compared to the dollar. This seems to be the exact situation of nationals such as Brazilians looking to take advantage of the strong valuation of their local currency (the Real) with respect to the dollar.

The final factor for many foreign nationals to purchase real estate in Miami seems to be the search for a safe and stable investment vehicle where to park their money. As such, Miami real estate has proven during the years to be a great and safe vehicle.

Casas en Miami will focus on meeting this demand by offering real estate services in Miami and by guiding the buyer through the entire real estate process: from finding the perfect home to securing the necessary financing.

Every effort will be made to match the potential buyer with the right area and property by analyzing the buyer’s needs, desires and budgets and meeting them with the right match to these requirements.

Of course, since the process of buying real estate varies from country to country, the experts at Casas en Miami hope to show potential foreign buyers the simple way to navigate through the real estate process in Miami as well as the different ways to secure financing as well as visas to come to invest in Miami.

To achieve this result, Casas en Miami counts with several Spanish-Speaking professional agents that are accustomed to help the Spanish market in Miami. This familiarity will help the real estate agents understand better the potential buyers and it will help the potential buyers as these agents will have a better idea on how to help them.

For more information on learning about the real estate process in Miami, please got to Casas en Miami’s official websites, visit them at 655 N.W. 36 Street, Suite 300, Miami, Fl 33166 or call them at 305-432-2183.

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Valentin Perez