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Novatein Biosciences

NovaTeinBio Announce Introduction of Nearly 7000 Products to Their Antibody Collection

Cambridge, MA, November 10, 2011 --( Biological reagents supplier NovaTeinBio has announced the addition of thousands of new products to their antibody product suite. Through these new product additions, which include nearly 7000 new primary antibodies for their clients’ high-priority research applications, the company is hoping to help researchers in labs around the globe gain a better profiling of biomarkers.

Organizations that provide antibody are considered as an essential partner to research laboratories around the globe. That’s because these products are engineered by specialists to expedite the pace of crucial research and improve researchers’ abilities to devise new diagnosis tools and cures for today’s most prevalent diseases. Without the help of antibody manufacturers such as NovaTeinBio, pharmaceutical companies would not have resources to conduct the testing that has helped them to make great strides in the search for cures for diseases such as HIV and Alzheimer’s disease.

One new product that has recently been added to the NovaTeinBio catalogue is the A2M Antibody. This product can be utilized by researchers to test samples for signs of Alzheimer’s disease, in which A2M is implicated due to its ability to mediate the degradation of A-beta, a significant component of beta-amyloid deposits.

In addition, the specialists at NovaTeinBio have also recently added the LACRT Antibody to their comprehensive suite of antibody. This particular product can be utilized by researchers to trace the development of breast cancer within a set sample, as some forms of this type of cancer have shown an elevated level of LACRT in recognized research studies.

As the company continues on their path of innovation, it is through their increasing partnerships with global companies that they will continue to help shape the field. Now, through these new additions, NovaTeinBio is expected to become a leading collaborator to companies across the academic research labs and biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

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