A Delicious! Autumn Menu - for Your Skin

Shanghai beauty brand Delicious! launches its seasonal Autumn menu of fresh gourmet skincare treatments.

Shanghai, China, November 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- As the seasons change - so too does the Delicious! seasonal skincare treatment menu, and the company is proud to launch its Autumn 2011 line of seasonal treatments in three categories:

- Detoxing and Purifying
- Anti-aging and Nourishing
- Brightening and Toning

Their autumn treatments and blends are created to help your skin transition into a colder season with minimum stress. All seasonal sessions are luxurious 17 step beauty rituals each using more than 20 natural ingredients and include an aromatherapy steam towel, freshly made natural exfoliation scrub, herbal infusion wash, plant oil and fruit essence facial massage, precious crystal massage, toning herbal eye compress, and are topped off with a freshly made luxurious mask and application of a nourishing balm.

Olya Eastman, Founder and Chief Alchemist said, “The main task in autumn skin care is to protect skin from dryness and wrinkles, as the temperature drops, brighten and repair any possible sun damage left from summer and nourish it with vitamins of autumn crops, rich plant oils and herbal essences.”

She added, “This season we also selected a number of powerful natural tonic, antioxidant and adaptogen ingredients to influx your skin with energy and vitality and boost your immunity.”

The Delicious! Autumn treatments feature vitamin-packed ingredients from the Russian Far East such as Eleuthero (also known as ‘Siberian ginseng’), Schisandra berries, Siberian pine nut oil, Seabuckthorn oil, Rowan berries. Powerful new herbs in the Autumn menu include energizing Motherwort, anti-bacterial Goldenroot and healing tonic Echinacea.

All Autumn treatments are finished off with an anti-aging face massage that combines cool and soothing crystals chosen for this season: jade and turquoise, with a rich infused vanilla hazelnut oil.

Note to Editors

About Delicious! Food for your Skin

Delicious! is the world’s tiniest fresh beauty brand – with big ambitions, “To empower women to look better, feel better and enjoy naturally healthier skin.”

Delicious! provides its customers in Shanghai, China with fresh, hand-blended and seasonally inspired skin nutrition treatments and gourmet skincare products that are rich in essential oils and other all-natural ingredients. Stimulating and nutritious for the body – while soothing for the soul.

One of the key values of the company is “to share knowledge,” and Delicious! does this through interactive workshop, as well as through its regular newsletters, website and blog.

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