euroscript: Key Integrator for EMC Documentum D2 to Deliver a Modern and Intuitive ECM User Experience

euroscript is delighted with EMC’s decision to integrate the modern and intuitive D2 user and configuration interface into its Documentum product line, as announced at EMC’s 2011 edition of “Momentum Europe,” their Documentum user event which took place in Berlin from October 31st to November 3rd.

Berlin, Germany, November 11, 2011 --( EMC® Documentum® D2 will be the foundation for the new Unified Client to its powerful ECM platform Documentum, which Forrester Research has positioned as a leader in its evaluation of ECM vendors published earlier this month.

As a long-time EMC Documentum partner, the euroscript group had chosen to work with D2 editor C6 soon after its product launch in 2007. “We had identified the C6 product line as a highly innovative interface combining the powerful matrix-based configurability of all major aspects of the EMC Documentum system with a very intuitive, browser based rich internet end-user interface,” says Tudy Droumaguet, Director of System Integration & Consulting at euroscript International.

By supporting a series of clients in the choice of the best interface to cover their requirements, euroscript has accumulated over these nearly 5 years, significant experience and expertise in implementing D2, and in extending and integrating it to fit customer’s needs.

One of euroscript’s major clients, the Luxembourg state, has decided on using D2 in 2009 to build and roll out its state-wide ECM system SIDOC over the 100 government bodies. The initiative is led by its central office for information technology CTIE supported by euroscript’s experts. When euroscript recommended D2 for this project, its configuration capabilities rapidly convinced the CTIE as they indeed enable to easily adapt system behaviour to each administration’s specificities and needs, while providing advanced common ECM functionality and allowing for inter-organisational document based workflows and information sharing.

“Our choice of using D2 as key element of our ECM program to roll out EMC Documentum is now confirmed and supported by EMC’s decision to make D2 its key interface to EMC Documentum,” states Pierre Schilling, deputy director of CTIE. He adds: “The ease of use of D2 alongside euroscript’s expertise of both the EMC Documentum platform and D2 allowed us to have our SIDOC system prototyped in a few weeks only, and delivered to end-users in less than 4 months for the first organisation. It now enables us to roll SIDOC out at a growing pace in parallel subprojects.”

“euroscript is convinced that the adoption of EMC Documentum D2 will allow existing and new clients of the EMC Documentum platform to provide their users with modern and intuitive applications. The visionary product concept of Christophe Melquiond and Boris Carbonneill, the founders of editor C6, is a great addition to EMC’s product line,” says Philippe Gaillard, CSO of euroscript International. He adds: “We are ready to assist clients in their adoption of EMC Documentum D2, and based on the experience gained in more than 20 client projects with this product line, we are their ideal partner!”

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