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New Age Diamonds' Jewelry Support Program

New Age Diamonds launches a program to promote their fancy colored cultured diamonds in jewelry of contemporary design and to support individual jewelers and small businesses in diamond industry - now giving special discount to jewelers.

Bern, Switzerland, October 26, 2005 --( New Age Diamonds' Jewelry Support Program offers fantastic discount for their yellow cultured diamonds in all tints to jewelers eager to apply their skills and imagination to create jewelry with New Age Diamonds.

The main aim of this program is to let individual jewelers and small-to-mid jewelry companies realize their creative ideas in unique designs using cultured fancy colored diamonds giving that opportunities due to their colors and relatively low price. The other goal is popularization of cultured diamonds among the customers all over the world, since the best promotion is the elegant and attractive - but still affordable - jewelry.

There are only a few conditions:
- this special discount is valid for jewelers;
- jewelers have to accept New Age Diamonds concept of Joy and to bring that Message of Joy which company declares as specialty of their fancy colored cultured diamonds;
- all participants will allocate temporary to New Age Diamonds some items of finished jewelry according to their wish, to create Fall Collection of all shadows of yellow.

This collection of modern jewelry will be:
- exhibited in New Age Diamonds representative offices and at Jewelry Fairs,
- announced in New Age Diamonds publishing and advertisings,
- displayed on website as an additional promotion of all jewelers dealing with New Age Diamonds.

Also, New Age Diamonds will choose the winners among the participants which will be offered to receive special conditions for partnership with New Age Diamonds in new projects supported by company. Since New Age Diamonds as a diamond manufacturer is not involved in jewelry production there is a great possibility to represent fancy colored cultured diamonds in finished jewelry in these programs, oriented on commercial demand of their scustomers.
Fancy colored cultured diamonds for Jewelry Support Program are available at any New Age Diamonds representative and dealer.

This special program has been launched to support small businesses and individual jewelers but well-known and respectable jewelry manufacturers also can take a part as special guests.

To apply for participation in New Age Diamonds Jewelry Support Program visit - look for New Age Diamonds' Jewelry Support Program

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About New Age Diamonds
New Age Diamonds is a new trademark on the diamond market but the manufacture itself, a pioneer in the field of diamond creation, has many years of scientific research behind. This Russian company produces synthetic with HPHT method and now is bringing to the market fancy colored cultured diamonds of 3 colors, clarity from I to VVS. Constant innovation of technology and collecting priceless experience is the strategy that makes for the improvement of quality and increasing the size of grown stones.

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