The Painted Shoe Design Studio Launches $4,000 Campaign on Crowdfunding Site; Funds Provide Start-Up Capital for Custom Shoe Design Company

Denver-based sisters launch $4,000 fundraising campaign through crowdfunding site, HelpersUnite, to develop their recently founded custom-designed women’s footwear company, The Painted Shoe Design Studio.

Denver, CO, November 11, 2011 --( Having identified an underserviced niche, the Denver-based Myler sisters have initiated a campaign on HelpersUnite to promote their new company that realizes their passion for both art and women’s footwear. The Painted Shoe Design Studio, founded by Jennifer and Jessica Myler, crafts one-of-a-kind creations to address every woman’s unique style. The company custom paints new or gently used shoes, turning them into the owner’s own personal masterpiece.

Each sister brings a unique skill set to The Painted Shoe. Jessica’s aptitude for drawing and painting was sidelined to raise a family and climb the corporate ladder. When the economy turned and her company folded, Jessica seized the serendipitous opportunity to pursue her love of art, design and fashion through developing wearable, custom paintings. As a shoe fanatic, Jennifer dreamed of founding her own online specialty shoe store. Once her sister’s firm folded, Jennifer recognized her prospect to fulfill this ambition while utilizing the tremendous business savvy and understanding she gained as an executive assistant to become a marketing and sales specialist for this new company. Out of the synergies of these two sisters, The Painted Shoe was fashioned.

“The Painted Shoe Design Studio wasn’t just about putting women into wearable art, but also about creating a new form of client services,” says Jessica. Among other personal touches, clients will receive a private consultation, a minimum of three different proof sketches and their custom couture masterpieces punctually delivered in a memory box. The Painted Shoe can also assist in selecting the perfect shoe to be designed, and clients can choose to receive updated pictures of the work progressing.

Their crowdfunding campaign on HelpersUnite seeks to raise $4,000, which will go towards placing an advertisement in a well known wedding magazine, creating a high fashion website, ordering several different styles of formal shoes to create new demos for clients, professional photography and supplies such as specialized paints and Swarovski crystals. SafeHouse Denver, which serves victims of domestic violence and their children, will receive 10% of all funding contributed to this campaign. is the first-ever platform to combine fundraising for creative and business ventures with charitable giving and online event ticketing. It is the flagship platform of GoodWorldCreations, which was founded in early 2011 and specializes in leveraging complex, state-of-the art web and social technology to help make the world a better place.

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