Master Origami Designer Releases Brand New Collections

Well-known origami enthusiast and prolific author has just released two new collections of origami art tutorials on the iPhone and iPad.

Louisville, NC, November 13, 2011 --( Leading Origami material publisher, Antroll Publishing, has recently launched two new collections of stunning origami designs on their website The website, now contains the type of origami design collections, which are both easy-to-make, and are visually appealing, as per customer requests. The new set of designs is aptly named "EZorigami."

Origami master, John Montroll, at Montroll Publishing has noted the consumer interest in origami designs based on animals, and has now come up with eZ Origami Fish and eZ Origami Animals in direct response. Both of these collections feature reasonably easy-to-make, step-by-step, animal and fish origami designs. For those who are new to origami, a basic folding design guide has been included.

Growing customer market on the iPad and iPhone interfaces has steered Montroll Publishing to publish their designs on the iTunes market for use on both interfaces. Both of these apps are downloadable on the company website at

The new origami design collections have clear, step-by-step diagrams, and a classy app design, making them perfect for both children, and adults. The Animal Origami app contains a total of 12 simple and traditional animal designs, including but not limited to: a jumping frog, a fox, a three-dimensional bunny, to name a few. The Fish Origami package, on the other hand, contains a total of 16, well-crafted unique designs of different sea creatures. These include: a sea horse, an angelfish, a clown fish, to name a few. Both apps can be downloaded from the main website.

About John Montroll :
John Montroll is a master origami designer. The famed author of "Origami for the Enthusiast," has incited a movement in origami designers around the world to construct their designs from a single uncut square of paper. Also the inventor of the common folding technique, now known as "double rabit ear fold."


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