TV4U Magazines.Com Features Front Page Detective E Magazine Among Its 15 eMagazine Offerings

The classic Front Page Detective Magazine has received an internet update with on demand text, photos, and video covering the courts and the crimes of the country.

Henderson, NV, November 13, 2011 --( Front Page, one of the classic magazines revived by TV4U, has chronicled the criminal, court, and cops stories of the day.

Exclusive articles by noted investigative reporter Arthur Bloberger are the type of story that the original hard cover magazine of the same name carried to its faithful public for many years.

TV4U currently carries fifteen classic magazines in a new eMagazine format. They include SPORT Magazine, Silver Screen Magazine, Pet Parade Magazine, The National Jewish Reporter, Car and Track Magazine, Let's Play Golf Magazine, Basketball Illustrated Magazine, Bowling Illustrated Magazine, Boxing Illustrated Magazine, Women SPORT Magazine, Black SPORT Magazine, Tavern SPORT Magazine 1000 Jokes Magazine, and TVS Holiday Magazine, as well as Front Page Detective Magazine.

All of the TV4U Magazines feature text, photo, and video as they update the classic magazine form to today's Internet format. The magazines are updated continually, so there is always fresh information for the reader.

A hard copy version of the new magazines has also being established, with an annual issue as well as special editions.

TV4U.Com is a 48 channel IPTV network that carries 10,000 classic TV shows on free internet television. This includes IPTV channels from the TVS Television Network, Front Row Video, and Nostalgia Television Network.

The TV4U media family also includes TV4U Newspapers.Com, a series of classic newspapers revamped into the modern internet E Newspaper format. TV4U Newspapers include the Philadelphia Journal, Las Vegas Mirror, Henderson (NV) Mirror, Pittsburgh Press, Nashville Banner, Memphis Press-Scimitar, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Phoenix Gazette, Baltimore American , and Washington Star.

TV4U.Com,, TV4U, the TVS Television Network, Front Row Video, and Nostalgia Television Network are all owned by Margate Entertainment LLC, a Henderson, Nevada based audio, video, photo, and print independent content provider.

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