TODD|Co: an Event Innovation Firm, Launches in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, November 15, 2011 --( TODD|Co:, a new firm offering business growth services, has opened in Los Angeles. Founded by Todd Rosholt, TODD|Co: focuses on helping live events drive success and grow their business through a unique system of insight and innovation.

With the launch of TODD|Co:, Todd Rosholt combines his 20 years of experience in the event industry with his vast network of strategic thinkers and solution providers to offer his clients a new model for driving success. “We approach every project and client from the same starting point: What if you did things differently? What if you didn't make assumptions? What if you tried something new? What if you were willing to fail to succeed? When you throw those barriers away, a whole universe of potential opens up,” said Rosholt. “Success for live events is a multi-faceted value proposition, which means there are many paths to revenue growth.”

TODD|Co: examines the multiple sides of an event’s value proposition using its own four phase “WOW Process” to identify, evaluate and design success opportunities and to deliver solutions for driving success that are both actionable and measurable.

TODD|Co: is a solutions oriented firm that delivers superior results based on the alchemy of years of experience mixed with insatiable curiosity. Part consultant, part analyst, part guru, TODD|Co: is pioneering a new success model through innovations such as risk-sharing implementations and non-traditional partnerships. To learn more about how TODD|Co: works, visit

Todd Rosholt
310 600 5847