Delicious! Launches 3 Premium Food for Your Skin Product Lines

Shanghai based skin nutrition company Delicious! now offers 3 gourmet product lines using all-natural ingredients sourced from around the globe.

Shanghai, China, November 16, 2011 --( After more than a year of product development, Delicious! is pleased today to launch three premium gourmet skincare lines that are naturally nutrient rich and feature potent anti-aging, immunity and energy boosting tonic properties.

All products are hand-blended from fresh and natural ingredients carefully selected and sourced from Russia, China, and elsewhere around the globe.

Delicious! founder Olya Eastman said, “a particular feature of several products is the use of our traditional Russian 'Adaptogen' herbs - that have been prized for centuries in Siberia and the Russian Far East for their unique health tonic and regenerative properties. This is a Russian beauty and wellness secret that we wish to share with the rest of the world - and we are pleased to start here in Shanghai.”

The Delicious! Food for your Skin product family contains three truly artisanal lines:
- Anti-aging Beauty Serums
- Aromatic Infused Oil Blends
- Concentrated Anti-aging Face Balms

All products contain a fragrant mix of natural plant oils, essential oils, herbs and other ingredients.

More details about the product features and benefits are available from the ‘Fresh Products’ section of the Delicious! website while background information about the special properties of the ‘Adaptogens’ is available in the ‘Fresh Ingredients’ section (


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About Delicious! Food for your Skin

Delicious! is a fresh new beauty brand from Shanghai with big ambitions, “to empower women to look better, feel better and enjoy naturally healthier skin.”

Delicious! provides its customers with luxuriously intoxicating, seasonally inspired skincare rituals – and gourmet fresh skincare products, made from the finest all natural ingredients selected from around the globe. Hand blended and rich in vitamins, nutrients and age-defying anti-oxidants. Stimulating to all the senses – while soothing for the soul.
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