CFLA Announces Offering Commercial Business Licenses to East Coast Markets

The Nation's Premier Forensic Loan Audit Wholesaler and Forensic Loan Auditor Certification Training for Attorneys and Professionals specializing in Mortgage Modification and Real Estate Law offers commercial licenses to expand East Coast markets.

Los Angeles, CA, November 18, 2011 --( CFLA is looking to expand East Coast operations by offering licenses to each of the following markets, including, but not limited by: Atlanta, Orlando, Carolina, New York, and Philadelphia.

CFLA is the largest and most well respected Forensic Loan Audit / Mortgage litigation Support Company serving all 50 States. In a statement issued by CFLA Corporate president Andrew Lehman, "CFLA is targeting growth in certain markets on the East Coast. We will be offering licenses to several markets on the Eastern Seaboard whereupon CFLA serves more than 5,000 law firm clients."

CFLA’s market advisors estimate that CFLA currently controls more than 60% of wholesale business in the marketplace in Western cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, and all of the Pacific Northeast.

CFLA’s growth in fiscal 2011 is estimated to be more than 500% growth as compared with 2010 whereupon growth was in excess of 1,000%.

CFLA has more than 150 certified mortgage securitization auditors that are commissioned to work under CFLA Vice president Liz Dimilanta, and Production Manager / Lead Instructor Art Bernardo.

License opportunities would include exclusivity to certain wholesale markets, in addition to training, and access to CFLA clients, affiliates, and staff of industry leading experts.

Please contact CFLA, Inc. CFO / Scott Youngblood, CPA, Esq. for more information at 800-768-2709.

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