Preservation Solutions Announces Release of New Leather Saver Solution

Golden, CO, November 18, 2011 --( Wood and leather treatment manufacturer Preservation Solutions has recently announced a new addition to their comprehensive catalogue of high-performance leather preservation solutions. The new Leather Saver product is designed to restore dry, stiff leather back to its original flexible condition. The product is seen as the ideal way to condition and treat both new, fresh leather and older leather that is in good condition.

With many household items and clothes now constructed using leather, solutions such as the new Leather Saver product from Preservation Solutions are seen as a much needed every-day necessity. That’s because there are so few products on the market that can be utilized to bring leather back to its original store-bought condition.

Leather Saver works by forming a bond with the leather fibres, which prevents the material from washing out when you clean your leather product. This is opposed to other market solutions, which are made from neutral oils such as mineral oil, olive oil and vaseline, which don’t absorb into the leather, and leave the material feeling oily and heavy with consistent use.

The Leather Saver product is the ideal leather cure product for any number of household products such as furniture, clothes, handbags, and other leather items. That’s because it comes replete with a UV protectant that prevents leather from fading due to the sun. In addition, Leather Saver has an indefinite life shelf, so it represents exceptional value, when compared to other market offerings. Once again, Preservation Solutions is advancing the field with the latest high-value leather material protection products.

Preservation Solutions
Kim Prinzi Kimbro