Traditional Advertising May be Ending, According to New White Paper

Text produced by My Local Buzz TV explores how the traditional advertising model has become less effective, specifically in light of both the increasing number of promotional messages people are exposed too and the growth of social media and video sharing websites. The white paper suggests marketers and business owners consider branded programming as an alternative marketing strategy.

Los Angeles, CA, November 19, 2011 --( The contemporary challenge for marketers and business owners is how to empower their promotional messages without being ignored by the audience – and potential customers. The new white paper “The End of Advertising and The Birth of Brand Engagement,” launched by My Local Buzz TV, addresses this aspect of marketing communication. With statistics from 11 different sources, the paper reflects upon the effectiveness of current strategies in promoting a business, product or service and draws comparison to what the future may hold.

The text draws a strong connection between the excess of commercial messages airing daily to the consumer’s inability to properly decode all those messages. According to Yankelovich Consumer Research, the average American consumer could be exposed to as many as 5,000 advertisings each day. The white paper stimulates the reader to think creatively about ways to increase the effectiveness of their promotional messaging in such a competitive environment.

Another statistic used to support the paper’s point regards new technology allowing TV viewers to skip commercials. Nielsen reports that DVRs are now in nearly 40% of U.S. homes. A survey conducted by Oliver Wyman points out that the ability to fast forward ads is the second most important factor in prompting users to watch shows on their DVRs as opposed to real-time. On the other hand, a WARC Media report identified psychological factors that suggest product brand placement works on the non-intentional form of memory that boosts unconscious learning, which can generate better marketing results.

Comparing existing data and adding new information on how social networking and video sharing sites have shifted the communication model, the text presents branded programming as a creative alternative to spreading promotional messages more effectively. Basically, instead of investing in a commercial spot, even small companies are able to envision a branded online TV show with related content to better engage their audience. Readers can have full access to “The End of Advertising and The Birth of Brand Engagement” by accessing the page

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