Shift Soil Ready to Clean Up with the WFD

3 years after Waste Framework Directive (WFD) came in; it is supporting businesses like Shift Soil Remediation by having a landfill tax standard rate charge per tonne £64 in 2012. While these rates apply to hazardous soil waste, inert soil can be disposed of at the lower rate of £2.50 per tonne. The market is moving from waste management to resource recovery.

London, United Kingdom, November 19, 2011 --( Today, Shift Soil Remediation LLP announced the arrival of the UK’s first truly mobile soil remediation equipment to the booming waste management industry. Shift Soil’s specialist self-propelled mobile soil cleaning technology offers unrivalled options for site management and remediation. With a treatment capability of over 200 contaminates of soil the firm hopes to clean, on-site, the UK’s backlog of contaminated brownfield sites and divert soil waste from hazardous waste landfills. On-site treatment offers developers additional saving on clean soil backfill.

Set to change the traditional way of thinking in the land remediation industry Daryn Short (Director of Shift Soil Remediation LLP) had this to say about bringing the technology to London: "Innovation is at the core of Shift Soil, and I look forward to working with our talented team and partners as we strive to develop the industry's most compelling set of solutions and services in the UK and markets around the world." Further adding, "We are working in lock step with the developer community, our partners and the start-up community to create an application ecosystem that delivers on Shift Soils rapid mobile strategy."

“Prevention is better than cure, and cure is better than treatment. Re-use is often good but mindful consumption is best. We need to move from waste management to resource recovery. Good regulation and the correct market incentives help us to appropriately address the vast backlog of environmental contamination,” said Phil Kneebone (Director, Shift Soil Remediation LLP) on the arrival of the new soil cleaning machine.

It has been the regulatory EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD) that has led to the current growth of the market, particularly due to the rising landfill taxes with a standard rate charge per tonne of £56 in 2011 and £64 in 2012. This is a full blown war on waste and an attack at the prevalence of landfilling as the preferred solution of the past.

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