Crew Systems Adopts Guardtime Keyless Signatures to Add Tamper Evidence to Daily Reports and Accident Videos for Monitored Vehicles

Crew Systems Inc, have established a strategic alliance by which Crew will adopt the GuardTime Keyless Signature Service to add tamper evidence to its daily and monthly reports and recorded video files.

Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 2011 --( Crew Systems Inc. ("Crew"), a video telematics cloud service provider, and GuardTime Japan,Inc., have established a strategic alliance by which Crew will adopt the GuardTime Keyless Signature Service to add tamper evidence to its daily and monthly reports and recorded video files as they are stored in the telematics cloud known as "HARVEST." The HARVEST service is scheduled to be released on December 1, 2011.

HARVEST is an integrated safety driving support system which consists of a drive recorder, digital tachometer, and a real-time dynamic object management system. In HARVEST, the communication system uses built-in drive recorders mounted on vehicles to capture the behaviors of drivers, to record video images of traffic accidents as they occur, and to collect real-time information from the global positioning system (GPS). As the data is gathered, it is automatically sent to the HARVEST server in the Cloud. The server then processes, analyzes, and safely stores the data where it can automatically produce regular reports. The analysis and assessment of the data generate "safe driving" rankings. The system can also produce forensically-sound recorded video images capturing any traffic accidents that have occurred, or even recorded acts of unsafe driving.

By signing all of the digital data collected with GuardTime's Keyless Signatures ( ), Crew can provide proof that the data has not been tampered with in any way since it was signed, regardless of how it is transmitted to and stored in the Cloud. When submitting reports and associated video images for investigational purposes, Crew will significantly increase the reliability and credibility of the evidence with the addition of the unique GuardTime data integrity service.

Companies that own five or more vehicles for business use are required by safety driving management laws to produce daily reports on the driving habits of their employees. Systems that provide the automatic digitization of daily driving reports are increasingly used for operating efficiency. However, the integrity of the digitized and stored data has been left as a pending issue. In particular, video images capturing traffic accidents are increasingly being used as evidence in legal cases and for insurance claims. The admissibility of such data as evidence requires proof that the data is tamper-free.

Says Crew CEO Katsuhiko Hirayama,"The data in connection with a vehicle and a person's safety requires high reliability and integrity. We decided to utilize GuardTime Keyless Signatures with our cloud service because it is easy to administer. The Keyless Signatures are extremely affordable in terms of integration and maintenance as compared to conventional time stamping-only or PKI-based services."

Several thousand units of HARVEST drive recorders have been sold mainly to daycare service centers, construction companies, and logistic companies. It is expected that 10,000+ units will be sold annually to industrial waste disposal operators, companies leading reconstruction projects in disaster-stricken areas, and other enterprise organizations that own many business vehicles. This forecast holds true not only in Japan, but also within other markets overseas.

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