Report: Public Sector Digital Engagement Overcomes Challenges for Success

A new report highlights current activity, success and challenges that public sector organisations are facing in using digital channels for citizen engagement.

Plymouth, United Kingdom, November 20, 2011 --( This timely benchmarking survey from GOSS Interactive reports the challenges facing the public sector and is available as a free download. ( There is wide adoption and planned adoption of a range of digital channels and many good cases of best practice and examples of social media or digital engagement that respondents were proud of.

Delivering services and information online is well documented as being the most efficient method for delivering services and communication messages. The report shows that 76% of respondents are under pressure to reduce administration costs, and 68% think digital engagement and social media can contribute towards efficiency savings, but that only 43% are using web analytics to measure the effectiveness of their activity.

A range of opinions were also expressed showing attitudes to and use of social media by public sector organisations. These illustrated an array of experiences and understanding embedded within these organisations as highlights by the following quotes:

“The wonderful thing about social media is the ability to 'speak' directly with the people we serve. We have fantastic unsolicited positive feedback, responses to action and the ability to just chat and learn about each other.” -Marketing Manager from Third Sector organisation providing services to the public sector.

“When people consider digital communications to be safe, secure and usable I might consider investing in this but until then (I guess 25 years), it is not sensible.” -Councillor from a Borough Council

Rob McCarthy, CEO, GOSS Interactive, adds, “Engaging with citizens digitally is by far the most efficient channel for interactions. By understanding the challenges that public sector organisations are facing and the successes they are reporting, strategies can be developed to maximise the opportunities whilst reducing costs.”

The report was produced by Madeleine Sugden ( / @madlinsudn) on behalf of GOSS Interactive (@GOSSInteractive) and can be downloaded for free.

Notes for editors

The full report covers an extensive range of statistics and views relating to:

Social media adoption
Social media usage
Social media engagement levels
Social media policies
Social media guidelines
Social media monitoring
Social media challenges
Social media success
Use of Google Analytics
Digital strategy
Website budgets
Best practice examples

Madeleine Sugden
With over 10 years' web experience, Madeleine's passion is helping nonprofits optimise their digital communications. She helps organisations at the start of their digital journey as well as those who need to rationalise when things get out of hand. She champions usable, accessible and well written websites and the effective use of social media. After five years at RNIB, she helped create KnowHow NonProfit. She freelances as a web content consultant and trainer. / @madlinsudn

GOSS Interactive
GOSS delivers digital strategy, guidance and software to manage online experience based around our powerful Web Content Management system and online efficiency solutions.

Public Sector organisations are ideally placed to take advantages of the efficiencies offered by online solutions. The online channel, by far, offers the best value for delivering services and information. Streamlining the online efficiency of your organisation can significantly reduce administration costs.

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