Scrubs Manufacturer Sassy Scrubs Takes Their Green Initiative Seriously

Sassy Scrubs has joined alongside many other environmentally conscious US based manufacturers, taking their “green” environmental initiative seriously. Their ecological responsibility to their environment goes beyond a business policy, and has become a natural commitment.

Penn Yan, NY, November 20, 2011 --( Sassy Scrubs, manufacturer and e-tailer of custom designed medical scrubs and hospital scrub uniforms, has determined not to join the ranks of environmental polluters. Their policy is simple and two-fold. Don’t produce ecological pollutants and save and re-use materials whenever possible.

Manufacturers are not generally thought of as the world’s leading environmentalists. Often the processes necessary to complete their products, and to employ their staff, lead to the generation of environmental pollutants, wastewater, scrap material which is sent to landfills, and general post manufacturing, or post employee, trash. In this era of consumer interest in “green” manufacturing, there are some manufacturers who have taken their environmental responsibilities seriously, as policy.

This approach has in turn caused a pleasant and unique relationship with their customers. Sassy Scrubs President, Karen Bradley, explains “We refuse to produce a print catalog for our scrubs and uniforms, which will generate enormous amounts of paper waste and consumption of energy to produce and distribute. We add new fabric choices for our customers so often, that the production of a paper catalog would require us to generate frequent catalogs, depleting our forests and using inks and fixatives which are environmentally unfriendly.”

Instead, they offer their full catalog of scrubs on-line and update it regularly, often daily. “This policy allows us to offer the most up-to-date choices for our customers, and keeps catalog production waste out of our local landfills,” states Bradley. Since the company’s customers are predominantly nurses, Bradley feels her customer base understands and appreciates this commitment to the environment. “Our customers appreciate that we are trying to help maintain a healthy environment by not contributing to deforestation and pollution of our waterways and they compromise their desire for a print catalog with the ability to view our entire line of scrubs right on their own computer.”

Another policy which keeps scrap from the landfills, and benefits the community, is Sassy Scrubs’ unique fabric scrap program. As they cut fabric with their own custom scrubs patterns, there is generally fabric left over from each cut, which is unusable for producing more medical scrubs, nurse’s jackets and surgical caps. The company has encouraged local charities and organizations to stop by their shop to pick up scrap fabric to be used in charitable projects. In this way, Sassy Scrubs has been able to donate fabric which would have been designated to the local landfill, and given those scraps new life to benefit others in many ways. They’ve seen their scrap fabric become baby blankets for children in orphanages in China; dog and cat pet toys to be sold by Humane Societies; dolls and toys for children in hospitals; lap robes and wheelchair blankets for disabled Veterans and residents of long term care centers; and med bags and pillowcases for American Soldiers injured overseas. Sassy Scrubs’ Bradley states “We are so proud of our efforts with our fabric scrap program because it allows us to be instrumental in inspiring good works – it helps our local community, and it helps others throughout the world.” And their efforts help keep our environment clean.

“We are lucky that we live and work in an area devoted to recycling,” explains Bradley, since they are able to recycle all paper products, corrugated cardboard and plastic containers which are re-generated and re-used through local programs. Since the company is located in an area filled with lakes and streams, even their daily effluent is cleaned and sanitized to prevent contamination of the nearby waterways. “Our area has an excellent wastewater treatment program which helps us protect our environment and the area where we live and work,” adds Bradley, “so our efforts are absolutely supported by the leaders and planners in our area to protect us all.”

Sassy Scrubs has taken their “green” environmental initiative seriously, and has shown that their ecological responsibility to their environment goes beyond a business policy and has become a natural commitment. Visit them at

About Sassy Scrubs
Begun in Upstate New York, Sassy Scrubs is still located in a small rural town. Each piece ordered is carefully cut and sewn individually so their seamstresses “own” each garment they produce. The seamstresses care about their workmanship, and their quality shows in each piece produced. Sassy Scrubs was the first company to offer print designs in scrub wear and the first to offer cotton as a fabric choice. The company also saw the need for a broader size base, offering sizes from XXX-Small to 9X-Large in Petite or Tall scrubs.

Sassy Scrubs
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