SleepTeach Launches New Videoconferencing Website Offering an Effective Sleep Education Solution

Poor sleepers can now learn to sleep well from the comfort of their own home – affordably - by signing up for the multidisciplinary SleepTeach program that utilizes videoconferencing with professional sleep educators.

San Francisco, CA, November 21, 2011 --( SleepTeach, the leader in sleep education, launched its new website on November 19, 2011.

Approximately 1/3 of Americans currently have difficulty sleeping, with many of the difficulty stemming from learned behaviors that can be unlearned.

The innovative SleepTeach education program assists those with difficulty sleeping to learn to sleep well again via videoconferencing with a trained sleep educator. These one-on-one sessions to learn and adopt techniques and lifestyle choices can be performed from the comfort of an individual’s home. Sleep education is a natural alternative to sleeping pills, although for those currently on sleeping pills, the program does not interrupt with existing sleep treatments a person may be undergoing. is both a pioneer and leader in sleep education as a solution to sleep difficulty. Created by a team with a combined 65 years related to sleep knowledge and over 10 years of education experience, SleepTeach is revolutionizing the way people are attaining lasting, good quality sleep.

In a time of tight purses, an affordable, reliable, and natural option to sleep well is needed by many.

"Prior to launching to the public­­­, we ran private closed sessions. From these sessions, more than 80% of our clients found great success in sleeping well again," commented Ayala Younger, CEO of SleepTeach. "SleepTeach is for individuals who want a natural and long term solution for good sleep. Much of poor sleep from otherwise healthy individuals stems from people creating bad habits that lead to poor sleep. There now is a solution for healthy, albeit sleep deprived individuals, to receive a tailored learning experience - proven to be highly effective in adopting good techniques for quality sleep."

SleepTeach has been described by a client as, "an exceptional service that truly changed my attitude towards sleep and my daily sleep routine. I haven’t slept so well in ages."

With positive response from clients and educators, it is no wonder SleepTeach is quickly becoming the most trusted name in sleep education.

About SleepTeach
SleepTeach is a leader and innovator in sleep education videoconferencing for those who suffer from poor sleep to learn to sleep well again via one-on-one sessions with a trained sleep educator. SleepTeach’s professional educators, videoconferencing technology, and multidisciplinary program provide a critical solution for sufferers of poor sleep. SleepTeach is privately held and based in California. For more information, visit

Naomi Younger