Jawoco Goodies Available for Developers

Jawoco makes its web-based developer API available today.

San Jose, CA, November 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Jawoco today makes its goodies available, which is the developer kit regarding Jawoco Search tool.

This was supposed to be available in June, but it got delayed due to the re-launch of the search engine. The current goodies page lets users know more about Jawoco functions and along with API calls for search terms for Jawoco. If users wish to use Jawoco in their web browser application or any kind of application which will allow full search result page view then the API can be used by the developer in its application.

According to the Allison Blake, freelance developer who currently helped for API launch said, “Jawoco Goodies will be upgraded as time passes and it will let users make use of great APIs related to search, whether related to Jawoco or not. Also that Jawoco Search API is only going to be available for webpage programming and basic web based products since we want users to make use of social search more effectively.”

Jawoco Goodies also features EntireWeb’s CitoSearch. CitoSearch is a search engine for users to use in their websites in order to host a search engine.

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