Brand New Site Launched by Buying Investment Property Tips Offering Free and Unique Ways to Get Into the Market

Getting into the market just got easy with researched buying investment property tips.

New York, NY, November 23, 2011 --( A new website has just been launched, with the aim of helping individuals achieve their goals and become financially free via property investment. The site,, suggests that buying investment property is easier than commonly thought through a little due diligence and self education. Through a little learning, property success should no longer be confined to other people, but will instead allow anyone to develop positive cash flow and a wonderful property portfolio.

The owners of the website, and successful investors Sean McLaughlin and Tegan Hadley share a grand amount of information that is applicable for any person interested in getting into the property market; covering investment property loans and mortgages to how to actually find investment property. Comforting to know also is that the tips suggested to begin the path of buying investment property are not complicated and can be incorporated into developing an easy checklist to assess when looking at any potential investment.

“What we wanted to achieve through the creation of this website was to inform people of the basic essentials of must knows and dos in order to get into the market,” said Sean McLaughlin. “The information covers aspects of what to research in different regions and we are looking to expand information to cover different investment methods including no money down techniques,” added Tegan Hadley. The site also covers a range of places great for investing from investment property in Melbourne to investment property on the Sunshine Coast.

Unlike other sites offering only snippets of information before a required payment, all information is free and readily accessible through the site. This is due to the belief of the owners that “Everyone person out there has the ability to invest, they just need to be smart about it and educate themselves into alternative routes to becoming financially free and achieving their investment goals.” With such information available now at the fingertips of everyone at, many more investors may soon be reaping the rewards of positive cash flow and passive incomes through property investment.


To find more information on great and free buying investment property tips essential for your investing success, you can visit or email Tegan Hadley and Sean McLaughlin at
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