Single Malt Whiskey Warehouse The Whiskey Place Showcases Discounts on Newly Acclaimed Old Pulteney Scotch

The Whiskey Place is showcasing its affordably priced 12- and 17-year-old Old Pulteney single malt scotches, a brand recently recognized by whiskey connoisseur Jim Murray.

Brooklyn, NY, November 23, 2011 --( The Whiskey Place - a single malt scotch retailer available online at - is promoting its selection of Old Pulteney whiskey, which was recently acclaimed by whiskey expert Jim Murray in his 2012 Whiskey Bible. Also known for its discounts on Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Glenrothes whiskeys, among other single malt scotch brands, The Whiskey Place is now offering discounts on Old Pulteney's 12- and 17-year-old batches.

"When Jim Murray named an Old Pulteney single malt scotch whiskey as the World Whiskey of the Year, he was bringing attention to one of Scotland's lesser known distilleries, located in the Scottish town of Wick. This is a great opportunity for a single malt scotch distillery without a lot of marketing capital to gain international acclaim," said Mr. Zimmerman, CEO of The Whiskey Place.

The affordable 12-year-old Old Pulteney is on sale for $39.99 at The Whiskey Place, with the price per bottle decreasing to $37.99 when shoppers order 12 or more single malt scotches at a time. Aged entirely in American bourbon casks, the 12-year-old is unique for its floral characteristic, backed by notes of ester and citrus. This single malt scotch whiskey is deep yellow in color and exhibits a light body; dry, peaty nose; and pleasant, salty finish.

Also popular, the 17-year-old Old Pulteney single malt scotch is on sale for $79.99, or $75.99 for shoppers purchasing in bulk. This firm and textured whiskey features many of the same characteristics as the 12-year-old bottling, with a few subtle variations designed to enhance the flavor. Old Pulteney distilled 10% of the 17-year-old in oloroso sherry casks, resulting in a higher tannin level. The tannins and sweetness interact nicely to create a subtle spiciness that feels more present in the mouth than the 12-year-old. The increased tannin levels also give this single malt whiskey a longer, more luxurious finish.

The furthest north distillery of single malt scotches in Scotland, Old Pulteney's coastal location is evident in its products. The coastal environment offers a subtle brininess to the single malt scotch whiskey, while the rural atmosphere supports the distillery's traditional techniques.

Old Pulteney is known for using an usually squat pot still during production, and the distillery employs worm tubs instead of modern condensers to add an oily and sometimes meaty quality to its single malt scotches. Old Pulteney also boasts a production process devoid of computer automation, ensuring that every bottle of single malt whiskey is distilled under expert supervision.

To learn more about Old Pulteney single malt scotch whiskey or The Whiskey Place, visit or dial 877-944-6440. The single malt scotch store can also be located on Facebook and Twitter at and, with a whiskey NYC blog at

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