Rear View Safety Promotes Heated Backup Camera System in Anticipation of Impending Winter

Leading provider of truck and RV back up camera systems Rear View Safety is promoting the RVS-770812N, a heated camera designed to survive the winter months.

Brooklyn, NY, November 26, 2011 --( Rear View Safety - a manufacturer and distributor of vehicle backup camera systems - is encouraging commercial and recreational drivers to invest in the RVS-770812N, a camera with a built-in heater. Crafted to withstand cold weather, this backup camera system is available online at

“Rear View Safety’s heated backup camera system, the RVS-770812N, is guaranteed to provide visibility on those blurry winter days. The RVS-770812N is a great option for safely driving trucks, RV's, and other large vehicles in reverse,” said Sam Abend, vice president of the vehicle backup camera provider.

Rear View Safety’s RVS-770812N is a complete backup camera system that comes with all the amenities necessary to provide a safe view of the entire rear area of a vehicle. The camera, which offers a 120 degree viewing angle, also features a built-in heater set to turn on at 32 degrees Fahrenheit; this is designed to keep the camera from malfunctioning or providing an inconsistent picture. The package includes a 7” TFT LCD color monitor with mirror image capability, a three-channel multiplexer control unit, a power connection wire, a double RCA and power converter, a 66-inch extension cable, a remote control, and a screw kit for easy installation. The backup camera boasts a night vision feature with a 50 foot range and 28 built-in infra-reds, so drivers can see where they’re going even in complete darkness.

Rear View Safety’s RVS-770812N is completely weather proof, holding an IP69 rating. The vehicle backup camera is also reliably strong, with a shock resistant casing that carries an industry-high 15G impact rating. The backup camera system also comes with a full year warranty against material defects.

“Rear View Safety’s RVS-770812N backup camera system is a welcome addition to any driver’s repertoire of precautionary measures to ensure their driving experience is as safe as possible during these upcoming winter months,” said Abend.

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