Brooklyn's Triumphant Journeys Coaching to Offer Courses at Medgar Evers College

Brooklyn, NY, November 27, 2011 --( Building on the success of its life coaching certificate program at Brooklyn College, Triumphant Journeys coaching is expanding its courses to Medgar Evers College Adult Continuing Education program this fall.

“We are expanding both our geographic reach and our course content,” notes Chaya Abelsky, principal of Triumphant Journeys. “This fall we will be offering programs on coaching for principals and teachers, and on a mind-body approach to coaching tools that anyone can use.”

Filling a Need in the Education Community
“Educators who have heard about our High Impact Coaching™ Certificate Program at Brooklyn College have asked that we offer a program on coaching that is specifically adapted for the education environment,” Ms. Abelsky says.

The program will offer principals and teachers the opportunity to learn how to apply coaching techniques in the school and in the classroom. Educators will learn how to focus their attention so they can hear what is—and isn’t—really being said. They will learn to communicate effectively to improve decision-making, conflict resolution, and team building.

To minimize the time during which educators need to be away from their schools, the course is structured to include two half-day classes, interspersed with three, one-hour evening webinars. Each participant will also receive a one-on-one tele-coaching session with one of the instructors. The course starts on March 11, 2011.

In addition to Ms. Abelsky, the program will be taught by Marcia Meislin, a specialist in training, coaching, and developing leaders through enhanced skills in management, communications, team-building, customer service, change, and consulting. Ms. Meislin has worked with both Fortune 1000 clients and nonprofit organizations and Ms. Meislin has taught at Pace University Graduate Center and the New School Leadership Center, among others.

Improving the Performance of Entrepreneurs and Employees
Ms. Abelsky states, “We’re also offering a course to support Medgar Evers’ business development initiative. The Coaching Essentials program will help both entrepreneurs and employees by providing them with powerful coaching tools and body-mind based problem-solving techniques that they can use in their work.”

Participants will learn how to frame problems so they can move quickly to insight and action, as well as how to resolve problems in a fraction of the time usually required. The course will include the use of a science-based movement approach to get past “stuck points.”

There will be five half-day sessions in the program, which will start on February 16th. Instructors will include Ms. Abelsky, Daniel White, an experienced leadership trainer and executive coach, and Drs. Yigal and Iris Goldshtrom, the developers of the Rhythmex exercise method. The doctors Goldshtrom are a health psychologist and physical therapist, respectively, and have conducted research on how rhythmic exercises improve both academic and athletic performance.

For further information or to register: please contact Ms. Abelsky ( or 347-240-8899)

About Triumphant Journeys
Triumphant Journeys was founded by Chaya Abelsky to provide coaching services and training to individuals, couples and organizations.

Ms. Abelsky received certification in Life Coaching from New York University and is a Professional Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation.

She started her career as a computer programmer, discovering her preference for working with people while doing client training for the NonProfit HelpDesk, a nonprofit organization that builds capacity at other nonprofits. She moved into a managerial role at the organization while expanding her capabilities with management skills courses and classes in a variety of healing modalities, and then entered the NYU coaching program.

She received a certificate in data processing from the COPE Institute, and attended Beth Rivka Teacher’s College.

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