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Swindon, United Kingdom, April 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- From the 1st of June 2007, all houses being marketed for sale in England Wales will require a Home Information Pack (HIP) to be prepared by the seller. Quick Move Now (www.quickmovenow.com) is pleased to announce that as a private buyer of property, it does not require a seller to have a Home Information Pack, thereby saving sellers the time, hassle and cost of preparing a HIP.

The Home Information Pack will contain information usually compiled by a solicitor at the conveyancing stage of the house sale, and paid for by the buyer. From 1st June, the onus and costs will be borne by the seller. This has led to a rush of people trying to sell before the June deadline. Consequently, with an oversupply of properties, the housing market could stagnate.

It is also uncertain how much the HIPs will cost to put together and whether the infrastructure necessary is in place, which again could slow the whole housing market.

The Quick Move Now service can help people regardless of how the HIPs are working: whether people are looking to avoid potential problems and a stagnating property market and sell before June, or whether they want to sell later but still want to avoid the cost of preparing a HIP, by selling direct to a private house buying company.

Danny Luke of Quick Move commented, “the content of the HIPs has been subject to a lot of argument and change, and has led to a lot of uncertainty in the housing market. As a private house buying company, enabling our clients to avoid the cost of compiling a Home Information Pack is a huge advantage to them.”

Further information about Quick Move Now’s service and Home Information Packs can be found at: http://www.quickmovenow.com/homeinformationpacks.html.

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