Pool Danger Warning: Kids Drown While Fence Debate Continues

A warning and reminder to homeowners - pools and kids form a deadly combination - comes from leading homeowner advocacy group HomeSource.

Sydney, Australia, December 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- “With the summer-holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to join others in reminding parents and pool-owners of the risks associated with pools and kids,” said HomeSource director Pia Vogel.

“It’s become a frequent news story debated over fences and among parents who continue asking ‘What is the best way to protect my kids from the risks of drowning in residential pools.’

“But while most parents and family-interest groups support mandatory fencing standard laws, some pool-owners with no children living at home, argue that such laws impinge upon their personal property rights,” Ms Vogel said.

“At HomeSource we are all about looking after and protecting homeowner rights,” Ms Vogel said. “But while the debate continues, the dangers to young children playing unsupervised around unfenced pools are on the increase.”

“It’s enough to look at the statistics,” Ms Vogel said.

In Queensland Local Government Minister Paul Lucas says that, “pool drowning remains the leading cause of injury death nationally for children under five.”[1] Approximately half of all drownings involving children of this age occur in residential swimming pools[2].

According to the chief executive of the Australian Royal Life Saving Society young children are the most vulnerable group to drowning, and last month said that “almost 300 children have drowned in the past nine years.”[3]

Research into child drownings in backyard pools has indicated that the most common contributing factors are unfenced pools and human error, such as people leaving pool-gates open or not maintaining fences in a good condition[4]. These findings have caused state governments in recent years to introduce more stringent pool safety regulation laws, particularly regarding fencing standards.

The Queensland government took pool regulation a step further in October, when they introduced legislation which required all pools and outdoor spas to be registered so that compliance with new fencing standards could be monitored[5]. While this action has been supported by much of the family-interest and pool-safety community, some pool-owners without children have been outraged.

“The contentious issue is that these rules are applied mandatorily regardless of whether or not there are children in the household,” said Ms Vogel.

While the debates continue, for those that are keen to do something now, before summer gets going and kids start drowning unnecessarily in residential swimming pools, HomeSource advises that there is something they can do.

“Make sure that if you’re going to the effort of installing a new pool fence you do it properly,” Ms Vogel warns.

“Knowing what to do and having a professional service like HomeSource behind you, to help find the right contractors who are qualified, licensed and insured, and who also know the building codes, can make all the difference when it comes to getting the job completed with confidence,” said Ms Vogel.

“This is the case if all you’re doing is fixing an old fence too. Get someone to check that it’s safe, and that the gates close securely.”

That’s where HomeSource, the leading home advice and service provider steps in providing reliable, qualified and registered tradesperson as well as a legal and builder advice line, assisting homeowners in all home related issues.

“HomeSource would like to encourage everyone to follow the recommended pool safety guidelines this summer holiday season to ensure a happy Christmas and New Year period,” Ms Vogel said.

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