Creates a Cost-Efficient, Easy-to-Use Event Ticketing Service for Small Venues

Crowdfunding site launches an online event-ticketing engine that seeks to attract smaller events, often priced out of using larger service providers, by offering more cost-efficient pricing.

New York, NY, December 06, 2011 --( For musicians, artists and small organizations, finding a platform to sell and distribute tickets to an event is often difficult. Cost and lack of widespread exposure often prohibit these groups from utilizing traditional, brand name methods. To fill this void, has developed a sophisticated platform that provides a cost-effective means to distribute tickets for events. Furthermore, for a person or organization seeking to produce a ticketed event from a crowdfunded project, provides a turnkey solution, addressing these needs while exposing the project to an engaged and growing audience.

HelpersUnite’s unique crowdfunding model is based upon helping artists, entrepreneurs and charities work together towards a common goal. As a natural extension of this objective, the event functionality targets concerts, film screenings, art openings and fundraiser dinners—essentially any event that is too small to be a part of a big-ticket venue but large enough that tickets need to be pre-sold. However, despite this focus, the platform is flexible enough to work with any kind of event that an organization wants to promote.

Overall, the events platform seeks to address one of the main challenges confronting independent artists and smaller organizations needing ticketed events: the exorbitant “convenience fees” charged by service providers, which often end up totaling as much as 50% of the cost of the tickets. “We were appalled by how much of the ticket price for events was not going back to the people organizing the event and thought there must be a better way,” says Luan Cox, founder and CEO of HelpersUnite. “Our platform charges $.75 per ticket plus 7% in order to cover processing fees.” As many artists and small organizations operate on already slim margins, HelpersUnite’s event service is ideal for those who cannot afford to have a substantial portion of ticket sales going back into the coffers of the companies, like LiveNation, currently dominating the market.

“We see a real need for small organizations to be able to put on professional events without the massive overhead. Through artists, musicians and fundraisers can distribute tickets while having the option of helping a charity of their choosing in the process,” says Cox. Therefore, although the events component of HelpersUnite operates independently from the rest of the site, the project crowdfunding and charity portions are likely to find many benefits by using it in conjunction. is the first-ever platform to combine fundraising for creative and business ventures with charitable giving and online event ticketing. It is the flagship platform of GoodWorldCreations, which was founded in early 2011 and specializes in leveraging complex, state-of-the art web and social technology to help make the world a better place.

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Eric Smith