Presented by CFLA: Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training - January 20-22, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV

Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC has created a comprehensive training certification program entitled: Mortgage Securitization Auditor "MSA"- A 24-hour in-person intensive seminar held across the country.

Los Angeles, CA, December 12, 2011 --( CFLA, LLC, and its Senior Auditors and Attorneys Present the Nation's first and only recognized Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training Class.

Their Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training Class is a cutting edge, highly innovative, and comprehensive three day instruction that is designed to help industry professionals obtain highly specialized skill sets, sought after trade secrets, and industry credentials.

January 20-23, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV
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15 enrollment maximum per class.

"$2,495.00" special web promotion - Early Bird Registration Discount

About the Program
This is a comprehensive 3-day training course to teach students the tools and methodologies to be an accredited "Mortgage Securitization Auditor" (24hrs)

Learn pertinent topics related to Mortgage Securitization process, including terminology and borrower documents, SEC Search Techniques, SPV search, document review, MERS search, GSE search, Assignments, Separation of Note/ Deed, Substitution of Trustees, Notice of Defaults, Trustee Sales.

Having met all requirements, students will receive a Certification as a CFLA-Mortgage Securitization Auditor "MSA."

-Must promptly attend and be present for a minimum of 24 hours of training.
-Must satisfactorily pass a criminal background check/offender check looking mostly for fraud, embezzlement
-Must satisfactorily pass the final examination at the end of the course.

Major Topics
Overview of securitization and the securitization conveyance chain, introduction to CFLA Securitization Reports, terminology, and borrower documents, SEC Search Techniques, SPV search, document review, MERS search, GSE search, Assignments, Separation of Note/ Deed, Substitution of Trustees, Notice of Defaults, Trustee Sales, "The Note Is A Contract"/When original Notes are produced, Auditors as Testifying Experts/ Review of court transcripts, HAMP Overview, and much more.

Designed For
All professionals in the mortgage, real estate, legal, and finance professions involved in loan modifications, lender litigation, bankruptcy, short sales, or real estate law.

The Nation's most widely recognized and acclaimed "Securitization Auditor Training" is coming to Las Vegas, NV, January 20-23, 2012 Join the more than 500 executive graduates of their industry recognized Training Programs.

Pre-Registration is required and can be done over the phone at 310-432-6304, with Visa or Mastercard, or by Check. Registration forms will be emailed after payment is complete. Late Registration allowed until one week prior to course enrollment.

$2,995.00 for the one-week course. Students will also receive a certificate of completion recognizing them as a Mortgage Securitization Auditor "MSA."

SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center
2989 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109-1220
(702) 433-5880

Benefits Of The Course
-Become Certified as meeting the CFLA requirements of a "Mortgage Securitization Auditor" "MSA"
-Maintain Students Records in a Nationwide searchable database to verify and validate certification for prospective employers
-Learn from Industry's Leading Experts
-Obtain flowcharts, work product, and other proprietary trade secrets that have made millions for certified forensic loan auditors, its sponsors, and affiliates

Testimonials From Prior Training Classes
"This course was the missing link in putting together all the knowledge I’ve already been accumulating, but was not able to assimilate into a prosecutable document for submission which an attorney can use in litigation. Thanks!"
Warren D. Goldstein

"This is a course that every American citizen can use to fight back against Wall Street and the banks to keep or receive compensation for the mortgage fraud committed on 85% of loan originated between 2001-2008. Liz and Art are a God send!"
Brandon Coleman

"Personally, the course is an enhancement because I’m already particular with about 95% of it. Although, I notice there are beginners in the class and I highly recommend the course and its instructors combined because I saw and noticed how these beginners were able to comprehend and able to finish their homework and finals on the 3rd day. The other 25% of the course was my "core" information to enhance my knowledge and the course & instructors made me achieve what I expected to learn. Thanks!"
Eddie Peregrino

"Excellent information! The tracking of assignments, very thorough. Instructors’ knowledge of these securitization processes are very strong. CFLA’s commitment is very strong to students and to excellence."
Carl L. Williams

"Although I have prior experience of 20 years of Mortgage Banking and Real Estate, this class has given me a comprehensive edge over the average attorney and ultimate foreclosure defense! Thank you for taking me to the top."
Kartika Kelley

"I really enjoy the class. I met a lot of professional’s and made strong connections. I feel fortunate to come across this class, from my classmate. I would recommend this class to anyone moving forward."
Wook Chung

"This was an amazing seminar that gave me the knowledge to help Homeowner’s to fight for their Right’s against greedy banker’s and mortgage companies."
Saul Golan

"Had a great time with the class and instructor’s, class was informative and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Mortgage Securitization’’
Ellen Russell

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