Bath and Body Products: a Refuge from the Gloom of Recession

Westbourne Aromatherapy Reflexology Clinic, (WARC) a leading UK Health and Wellness Company is pleased to announce the opening of their on-line store providing a full range of essential oil based bath and body products available to all in times of economic hardship.

Bournemouth, United Kingdom, December 03, 2011 --( Westbourne Aromatherapy Reflexology Clinic, (WARC) run by Proprietor, Julie Mason, has provided aromatherapy and reflexology therapeutic massage to patients within the UK National Health Service and to those, independently seeking wellness advice and treatment.

Today’s Opening of an On-Line Store provides a full range of essential oil based bath and body products suitable for home and spa use. In keeping, costs have been regulated to enable product availability to all despite difficult economic times.

WARC Bath and Body Products contain therapeutic grade aromatherapy oil blends, locked in massage-bars, bath-melts, bombs & fizzers, face and lip balms and even lip glosses. Designed for personal body care and as special gifts for friends and loved ones, they are also likely to find a place on the busy aromatherapist’s shelf.

Warming the massage bars in the palms of your hands releases a unique blend of aromatherapy oils ready for application. Just select the right bar for the intended treatment or mood.

For example a "Coconut Nice" massage bar contains vanilla absolute, benzoin & lemongrass essential oil in walnut carrier oil locked within coco-butter with coconut essence.

In the same manner, when the bath melts are added to warm water they release a selected blend of essential oils for a luxurious skin care treatment.

In addition to the full core range of products, a fun festive range of bath melts, based on geranium and violet leaf, has been provided on the web online store in time for Christmas.

“In a time of so much concern and with money so tight the use of natural body products can provide a haven to relax and an hour or so’s refuge of peace and quiet at a price everyone can afford.” – Julie Mason

WARC Expert Aromatherapist and Reflexologist Julie Mason perfected the oil blends in the Bath and Body Range of natural products while researching effective complimentary treatment for patients within the UK National Health Service. It was essential that the end products could be made available for self treatment at a price even the most financially challenged could afford. Now, in addition to her own practice, she brings product availability to all with the Westbourne Clinic Online Store at

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