50 Legs in 50 Weeks Meets 24/7 Medical Care

Seminole, FL, December 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Seminole Florida-based MD247.com is proud to announce it will be assisting professional wrestler Steve Chamberland, of the 50 Legs in 50 Weeks Foundation, in his quest to provide a prosthetic leg to fifty different amputees in fifty states over the course of fifty weeks.

Steve Chamberland’s 50 Legs in 50 Weeks Foundation finds its roots in the story of Anaiah Rucker, a child from Georgia who put the health and safety of her own sister above her own and lost a leg in the process. The actions of Anaiah inspired Chamberland, an amputee himself, to work with a friend who is a prosthetic limb maker to fashion a prosthetic leg in only three days. The process was unheard of due to not only the speed and quality creation of the prosthetic limb, but also due to 100% donated materials used in the creation of the new leg. Empowered by giving young Anaiah back a level of freedom, Chamberland made the promise to provide one “new leg” in each state over the following fifty weeks.

The people behind the MD247.com brand, like Chamberland, are passionate about changing the world one life at a time. The MD247.com team feeds their passion not with limbs, but by providing members with improved health by being available 24/7 to all member inquiries no matter “whom” you are or “who” you know. In addition to being a 24/7 telemedicine resource for the world at large, MD247.com also provides people the opportunity to bring their family financial freedom with the MD247.com brand. Be it by health, or by wealth, MD247.com wants to see everyone live a brighter and lighter life.

You can learn more about the joint work by the 50 Legs in 50 Weeks Foundation and MD247.com by visiting their website.

Donnie West