More Than 8 Out of 10 Women Wear the Wrong Bra Size: Bra Doctor Raises Awareness About Unhealthy Bra Behavior

Celine Segal, Bra Doctor for Now That's, explains why nearly 9 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size, and encourages women to recognize the importance of properly fitted bras. In January, she will help customize a new lingerie wardrobe, based on unique fitting needs, for each of the three winners of the Now That's A Lingerie Sweepstakes.

Montreal, Canada, December 03, 2011 --( Celine Segal has been working as an in-store bra fitting specialist for over twenty-five years, the last ten of which she has also devoted her time as the Bra Doctor for Now That's Lingerie’s (NTL) online boutique. In both of these capacities, she has estimated that close to nine out of ten women report discomfort in their bras - yet continue to wear them.

"Most of these women have never had the opportunity to have a proper bra fitting, or have been misinformed so they don't know that they are wearing the wrong size," said Celine. "A lot of the time, they wait too long between fittings, and their size may be wrong, because of weight changes, pregnancy, exercise, or other factors." She recommends checking their bra size every six months and to never wear a bra that doesn't fit properly.

Back, neck and shoulder pain are only some of the health complaints Celine has heard from her clients. "It's unhealthy to wear a bra that doesn't fit well, no matter what your shape or size." Celine and her blogging team on Bra Doctor's Blog help educate their readers about bra fitting. "It's rewarding to help a woman discover what a difference the right fit and bra size can make for her shape, her comfort, and most importantly, her confidence."

As part of their effort to raise awareness, NTL announced their Now That's A Lingerie Experience Sweepstakes today. Each winner will receive a personal one-hour phone consult with Celine, who will help style a customized lingerie wardrobe based on the winner's unique fitting needs. Three winners will also win one of three prizes of $500, $300 or $200 in NTL gift cards.

To enter the Now That's A Lingerie Experience Sweepstakes, participants are asked to first sign up for NTL’s free newsletter. Once subscribed, they may earn extra entries by inviting friends and family to enter, as well as connecting over Twitter and Facebook. All newsletter subscribers will also receive a 10% discount on their next order. Participants may enter December 1 through 31 until 11:59 P.M. Winners will be announced January 5th, 2012. Full details can be found at

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