Brazilian Blow Dry Services for Straight Hair

Croydon, United Kingdom, December 04, 2011 --( If you have gotten tired of straightening your wavy locks with an iron but straight hair looks so appealing to you, Brazilian blow dry services are the top offer at hair salon Croydon Ice Hair which might help you get your dream straight hair. Keep reading to learn more about the Brazilian blow dry procedure, hair care tips and the hottest hairstyles which may flatter your new look.

The Brazilian blow dry is the revolutionary treatment developed in Brazil. It is based on the natural sources of Keratin which straightens wavy hair and makes it silky to the touch. Keratin can penetrate deep in the hair structure repairing and coating your hair. As a result, hair receives natural protection against uncomfortable weather conditions and becomes shinier. The achieved effect can be explained by Keratin composition: it is the source of protein which helps seal moisture inside hair. At the hair salon Croydon Ice Hair it may take from 2 to 4 hours to complete the Brazilian blow dry; the duration of the procedure depends on hair length. The good news for customers with colour and chemical treated hair is that they can also benefit from the Brazilian blow dry services. A few days after the treatment customers can start wearing ponytails, twists and other hairstyles. The Brazilian blow dry allows achieving long lasting results – customers can enjoy straight hair up to 14 weeks depending on the hair type.

If you want to change your hairstyle it’s better to do it before the treatment. Borrow a few trendy ideas from fashion experts and ask your hairdressers at a Croydon Ice Hair to help you choose the most suitable one. If your hair is short you may want to go for a classic soft cut. Hairdressers cut strands with scissors making them separated and then cut layers to match your face shape. If your face is oval they add more bangs; if it’s more heart shaped they cut layers. A bob with heavy bangs and razored ends is a good option for middle length hair. It can especially flatter people with big foreheads and square jaws. If you have longer hair you can have it cut to the shoulder level. A heavy side-swept fringe can complete the look.

Professional hairdressers from a hair salon Ice Hair provide a few tips on how to take care of your hair after the Brazilian blow dry. First of all, they don’t advise having your hair wet during the first four days. If you haven’t managed to keep it dry you need to blow dry it as soon as possible. Ceramic straighteners can be used if it’s necessary to straighten strands again. After four days you can have complete peace of mind when going to a swimming pool or taking a shower. Second, specialists do not advise using shampoos which come with sodium chloride. Hair care experts can suggest you quality products enriched with Keratin which can be bought in the salon.

To benefit from the Brazilian blow dry services provided at a Croydon Ice Hair, fix an appointment with a personal consultant who can provide more detailed information on the procedure peculiarities and quality hair care products.

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