Goldco DIRECT Launches New Precious Metals Website to Inform Investors of Everything Gold and Silver

Goldco Direct, now offering its expertise to the public, reveals "insider insights" online for the first time.

Tarzana, CA, December 05, 2011 --( Goldco Direct’s President Trevor Gerszt has just announced the launch of the company’s new website, located at

In the announcement, Gerszt writes, “This website serves as a precious metals information hub. It pulls articles from relevant, trusted news sources and gives our visitors and clients one-stop access to vital, active information. We also have expert staff to provide commentary and analysis - in easy-to-understand terms - about the available options so investors can make sound decisions based on the most up-to-date information and on the long-term wisdom of professional precious metals experts. Taken together, this is a one-two knock-out punch: no one will exit the site without knowing what they need to know to invest wisely.”

With over a century of combined experience as wholesalers of precious metals, Goldco Direct experts recently began bringing the knowledge and expertise of a large-volume wholesale precious metals dealer directly to the public. The company’s expertise in the niche allows it to offer silver and gold direct to the public at lower prices than most retailers.

Goldco Direct’s Tarzana headquarters provides two primary services: delivering silver and gold direct to clients’ homes (upon request); and, helping clients add precious metals to IRA’s and 401k’s as a tool to diversify retirement portfolios and preserve individual wealth.

The company’s online bio explains “Because of the current economic crisis, all paper (fiat) investments are exposed to the risks of fickle, unstable governments and environmental, monetary and political conditions. In our professional opinion, it is crucial to diversify investment portfolios to include historically-proven tangible assets that have globally-recognized ‘intrinsic value’; that is, value that is inherent and not subject to the devaluation of currency or the collapse of stocks and bond markets.”

President Gerszt says, “We’re delighted to offer this new website to the general public so we can help investors learn how to protect and grow their hard-earned assets to ensure their financial stability in good times and bad.”

Goldco Direct is a precious metals insights and procurement company located in Tarzana, California dedicated to helping investors diversify, protect, and grow their finances in good times and bad. For more information, contact Trevor Gerszt at (855) 848-GOLD (4653) or visit the company website at

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Jacob Kings