InventorHaus, Inc. Helps U.S. Inventors Enter European Market

Miami, FL, December 08, 2011 --( Two friends, Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler, started helping inventors a while back in college in Salzburg in response to a lack of services for this unique group. Fast forward 15 years to a side street in one of Berlin's trendiest neighborhoods, Prenzlauer Berg, and to the offices of their company, Erfinderhaus. Erfinderhaus has over 40 employees in three countries and helps inventors bring their ideas into reality, and then sells these products in their own stores, Erfinderladen. "The Erfinderladen concept was an immediate success with inventors, the media, and of course, those who buy these brand new products. Where else could you buy a gift for someone and be sure they never saw it before?" says Muthenthaler. Given that less than 5% of ideas make it on to a shelf, this unique angle helps inventors increase their exposure.

After 15 years of building their successful product development company in Europe, they are now starting their search for great American inventions with InventorHaus, Inc. As of November, 2011, InventorHaus has offices in Miami, Florida. The prospect of joining these two markets adds an interesting option to the business of helping inventors. "For inventors, the US market has huge potential but on the other hand, the competition is so tough, it makes it very difficult to enter the right channels. In Germany and Austria, for example, the market is large enough to prove profitable for inventors, yet small enough to quickly enter and gain market share," explains Jordan. "We are also interested in creating partnerships with local U.S. companies and help them expand their reach for their inventor clients."

The experience in product development, media exposure, and key local contacts that InventorHaus can offer inventors is like having a personal tour guide to the region. Jordan and Muthenthaler have created a diversified platform that makes the process simple. For those American inventors that are willing to take a different route while developing their idea, InventorHaus offers a much simpler way onto a store shelf than trying to enter the huge American marketplace.

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