Teasdale Worldwide Expands its Business Reach to Asia

Teasdale Worldwide Asia will increase American and Asian business growth.

Tampa, FL, May 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Teasdale Worldwide will form a strong bond between Asian and American commerce through the creation of Teasdale Worldwide Asia. The new business venture was announced at the strategic marketing firm’s corporate office in Tampa, Florida, during a VIP reception featuring Consul Zhou Ding of People’s Republic of China, Consul General Hiroshi Yamaguchi of Japan, and Consul Yong Kil Kim of Republic of Korea.

Teasdale Worldwide Asia will spearhead marketing, branding, public relations, events and media planning for Asia-based clients interested in expanding their businesses to the United States. The firm will travel to Asia to investigate challenges and form opportunities for new business development. “We are reaching out to those organizations that want to achieve the next level of expansion and increase business in Asia and the U.S.,” said CEO Malcolm A. Teasdale. “We will assist these companies in understanding the intricacies of cultural differences, benefits, forming international alliances and practices of doing business throughout the world.”

Kimi Springsteen, the Asian-American Liaison for the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, will work closely with the newly formed firm to develop strong ties with Asian countries, particularly China, Japan, and Korea. “I feel confident that Teasdale Worldwide Asia will lead the Tampa Bay area to the next level of economic development and on to the top of the international arena,” said Springsteen, who has devoted over four decades to assisting business and governmental sector connections. “Malcolm Teasdale is so unique and innovative, and I am looking forward to working with him to accomplish that goal.”

Teasdale Worldwide Asia is currently in the final stages of securing key clients that will pave the way for the “East meets West” merger.

In October 2007, Teasdale and Springsteen will travel to Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing with a team of other business, cultural, and educational dignitaries, to attend conferences focused on strengthening international business development.

“I have always seen the world as a neighborhood full of opportunities,” said Teasdale, on his vision for this important alliance. “We are breaking down barriers, and educating the world to embrace cultural diversity instead of just tolerate it.”

About Malcolm A. Teasdale
Malcolm A. Teasdale is the “Big Idea Catalyst” and creative mind behind Teasdale Worldwide, a strategic marketing firm known for creating edgy, effectual messaging for its clients through its Marketing of Distinction™ technique. His Malcolm Out Loud Productions also specializes in world-class event marketing nationwide. Their new in-house studio is currently producing state-of-the-art projects for film, video, music, and television. For over twenty years, Teasdale has taken companies to the next level by elevating their brand through strategic research. He also uses his industry experience to share his knowledge through a variety of media forums, motivational speaking and innovative, multicultural business conferences. He excels at being a coach and mentor that adeptly blends the ‘left-brain’ side of business with creative ‘right-brain’ thinking. His new book, Your Opinion Really Doesn't Matter (Your Customer's Does) will debut in fall 2007.

Malcolm Teasdale is a member of several organizations that are shaping regions and their economical growth, including the Tampa Bay Partnership, the Florida Venture Forum and the prestigious CEO Direct group.

About Kimi Springsteen
Kimi Springsteen’s international journey began when she first came to America as a student in 1961. She returned to Seoul as a professor at her alma mater, and has never stopped working to bring the East and West together successfully. Since 1994, she has acted as an advocate for the Asian community and assisted in protocol matters regarding visits by foreign officials and dignitaries from Asian countries.

Springsteen’s position as a Tampa Bay ambassador is highlighted through many leadership positions she currently holds, including Chair, Asia/Pacific-U.S. Foundation; Chair, Board of Directors, Florida-Korea Economic Cooperation Committee; Chair, Asian American Coalition of Florida; President, Korea-U.S. Culture and Education Foundation; Member, External Advisory Board, University of Florida International Center. She also serves as Chair of the Asia/Pacific-U.S. Foundation, a non-profit trade association that fosters economic development between the Asia/Pacific Rim countries and the State of Florida.

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