Making Customer Experiences Smart: Announcing The Smart Touchpoints Workshop

MCorp Consulting launches The Smart Touchpoints Workshop, a mind-changing, eye-opening dive into how smart companies will do business in the fast-changing world of smart, digitally enabled customers.

San Francisco, CA, December 07, 2011 --( Customer experience consultancy MCorp announces the launch of The Smart Touchpoints Workshop, an eye-opening, mind-changing dive into the way smart companies will do business, serve customers and leapfrog competitors.

The Smart Touchpoints Workshop is a customized program designed to help companies faced with the challenge of re-thinking the ways they do business in the fast-changing world of smart, digitally enabled customers.

According to Bruce Kasanoff, Innovation Director for MCorp Consulting and founder of innovation think-tank Now Possible, “Customer habits and expectations are changing. The lines between the physical and virtual worlds are starting to blur. We’re entering a marketplace in which smart touchpoints can do things like recognize the intent of gestures or understand a spoken command. And this is just the beginning.

“Smart touchpoints can sense a customer’s location, actions or intentions – which makes it possible for companies that leverage such touchpoints to respond intelligently,” continued Mr. Kasanoff. “What this means is the smarter your company’s touchpoints, the smarter your company can act.”

The Smart Touchpoints Workshop is designed to help executives, marketers and customer experience professionals envision all the possibilities by learning:

- What smart touchpoints are;
- What you can do with a smart touchpoint;
- How they can change marketing, selling and customer service;
- Where they can make dramatic differences in sales and profit growth;
- How they can create entirely new customer experiences;
- How smart touchpoints can drive lasting competitive advantage.

For this half-day, onsite workshop, senior MCorp partners will customize a curriculum and deliver an engaging, eye-opening workshop tailored to fit individual companies’ needs and provide improvement models with defined action steps.

More information on The Smart Touchpoints Workshop is available online at:

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