Entrepreneurial Newlyweds Make Huge Strides in Independent Publishing

Power couple Ben and Michelle Cannon have barely had time to finish reeling from the Mai-Tais of their honeymoon… but somehow have found time to start a new independent publishing company “Cannon Books, LLC” to helm Michelle’s new children’s book, Ben Not a Puppy - Social Hollywood Magazine.

San Francisco, CA, December 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Husband and wife team Ben and Michelle Cannon aren't the type to wait around. When Michelle (who recently wed her entrepreneur husband in July), finished her latest children's book "Ben Not a Puppy," the pair took self publishing to an entirely different planet. They started a publishing company: Cannon Books, LLC.

The book, penned by Michelle and illustrated by major children's studio artist Beverly Sage in Los Angeles, was inspired by the author's time as a preschool teacher. Puppy is a rousing tale of a guessing game played by a young boy and his mother that serves to empower preschool children to learn through pretend.

“When a child engages in pretend play... or 'symbolic' play as they call it in the field... they learn new vocabulary, speech, and the foundations of communication," says Michelle.

At only 8 months old, Cannon books in its infancy is plunging not only headfirst into publishing its inaugural Puppy, but has already established distribution relations with Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and every independent bookstore in San Francisco. They have been featured on the front page of local newspapers such as The Noe Valley Voice and in Los Angeles' Social Hollywood Magazine.

If that wasn't enough -- the company is reviewing new manuscripts and Michelle is working on another book. The couple wants other authors to feel empowered: you don't need to wait around to get your projects into the world, onto shelves.

“We created Cannon Books because we wanted authors like ourselves to have creative control over their work," Michelle states of the venture.

And with the wedding bells barely out of earshot -- the Cannons have barely had time to catch their breath. They're thriving on it.

How's that for entrepreneurship?

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