Anderson Thermal Devices Introduces New T3 and T4 Ceramic “RadReflect” IR Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ, December 09, 2011 --( The engineers at Anderson Thermal Devices have decades of experience delivering efficient, electric infrared heating lamps to manufacturers world wide. Now they introduce “RadReflect”, T3 and T4 lamps built with a ceramic reflector.

The T3 and T4 “RadReflect” lamps all have the following benefits. Ceramic reflector quartz lamps cost much less than gold reflector lamps and create almost the same amount of reflectivity. Ceramic coated lamps operate at higher temperatures without the air cooling required of gold coated lamps. They are suitable for many high speed applications and various line configurations. Multiple zone options allow for better uniformity of heat across the product.

The T3 and T4 Lamps come in twin tube, single tube, shortwave, fast response medium wave and medium wave configurations. Tests show that T3 and T4 ceramic reflector lamps have a much longer operating life. The heater is unidirectional, radiating most of the energy towards the substrate without external reflectors. Custom sizes, wattages and voltages are available.

To find out more about this latest advancement in industrial process heating with T3 and T4 lamps, contact the company’s Infrared Hotline at: 800-720-5256 or their National Sales Manager, John McKechnie at

Anderson Thermal Devices Inc.
Clara O Boyle