LiveOn Rewind's Photo Scanning and Video Conversion: an Emotional Journey

Media digitization service LiveOn Rewind takes clients for a nostalgic trip.

Kansas City, MO, December 09, 2011 --( Placing an order with LiveOn Rewind isn’t a journey in itself. It can be as easy as placing a stack of old photos and VHS tapes in their prepaid-postage box and shipping it off. The emotional journey begins two weeks later, when those once elusive, dusty old photos and videos are returned to you in bright, digital copy.

Kellie Eisenhauer decided to digitize her memories so she could share them on the new, popular website LiveOn, which lets you build a personal timeline of your most important memories that will be kept online forever, for all future generations to enjoy. “I had all of my photo albums, so I knew that my family didn’t have access to those memories, and once I could get them on LiveOn, we could all have access to them. That was important, because although they’re my life’s pictures, a lot of them involve my brother and sister.”

Eisenhauer says the digitization process was much cooler and rewarding that she thought it would be. Now that her family and close friends can see her memories on LiveOn, she has been getting lots of feedback. “I’ve gotten phone calls from lots of people who see them online and say, I remember that! I didn’t know you had those pictures! That was so much fun! I remember that time when...”

Like many LiveOn Rewind clients, Kellie says she feels a sense of relief, knowing that nothing can ever happen to her photos and videos. “Now I feel a sense of relief for what is done, a sense of excitement for what will happen, and a sense of urgency to preserve and protect my family members’ memories too.”

LiveOn Rewind is a full-service photo scanning and video conversion company that can convert any type of old-world media you have. Visit or its sister site, to start capturing, sharing and eternally saving your most important memories.

Linsey Grams