How Do Entertainment Couples Who Work And Live Together Stay Married? The Voiceover Dynamic Duo – Grant George and Jessica Gee George Weigh In.

America’s Top Husband and Wife Voiceover Team – Grant George and Jessica Gee-George Are Living Proof That Working with Your Spouse is Absolutely Possible...with a Few Rules.

Los Angeles, CA, December 10, 2011 --( Working at home has become common practice in America. These days more and more couples are shuffling their kids off to school, grabbing a cup of coffee and going into their home office to begin their day of work (in their slippers nonetheless). For over a decade, this has been the life of husband and wife Voiceover Team Grant George and Jessica Gee-George who own Kapow! Productions, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. They are full-time voiceover talent for radio and television commercials, cartoons, industrial narrations, anime, film walla, ADR, voice matching and television promos, and are revered as household names in the voiceover world.

Where does this Dynamic Duo draw the line? How do they stay invested in their work life without family issues bleeding through? What happens when one person books a voiceover job but the other doesn’t? “There isn’t much that crosses over in our work and home life. We leave our home life at home and we start our day. Sometimes we don’t leave our studio for hours and many of those hours are in complete silence plugging away at our work. When we get back in the house, we very easily transition to home life,” says Jessica George.

A lot of couples say that working with their spouses would be a sure-fire and devastating way to end their relationship, but not this duo. They met in a studio, realized they had very high aspirations to be successful voice talent, and combined their business acumen to create a profitable and exciting voiceover career together. They just happened to fall in deep love along the way. Having the same goals has also proven a positive tool in their relationship. “We feed off of each other and keep each other on track, but we have very definitive rules in work and in our home that we abide by respectively,” says Grant George.

Grant and Jessica have realistic expectations of one another. The key to their momentum is setting time aside to plan their day. That starts as soon as the coffee is poured. Flexibility is also a key component of their life. At a moment’s notice either one may be called to do a quick pickup line for a Party City commercial or Disney Promo. When one person needs to drop a task, the other is there to immediately pick up the pieces. They even keep each other’s schedules.

Along with the rewards of sharing their professional dream, it’s obvious that this Dynamic Duo is quite talented in the rules of marriage. Rules and communication are their life tools and they abide by them. For more information about America’s Top Husband and Wife Voiceover Team - Grant and Jessica George – The Voiceover Dynamic Duo, visit

The Voiceover Dynamic Duo
Grant George and Jessica Gee-George