Roberta Matuson Announces the 2012 Profitability Accelerator Teleconference Series for Executives and Business Owners

Renowned expert Roberta Matuson presents the 2012 Profitability Accelerator Teleconference Series for Business Leaders and Owners interested in business growth in the New Year and beyond.

Northampton, MA, December 11, 2011 --( The year 2011 will go down in history as another tough year for American businesses. Renowned consultant Roberta Matuson is warning that 2012 is going to be even more challenging for business leaders. Matuson says that accelerating ahead in 2012 will depend on how well leaders manage the three trends she’s identified by working with leaders from diverse industries.

Matuson helps CEO’s increase profitability by maximizing employee contribution. She has identified these three success defining trends for 2012:

CEO’s need to pull back on the throttle before moving at warp speed.

Everyone wants to catapult their organizations into the stratosphere of high growth, yet few have a plan in place to make this dream a reality. It’s tough for CEO’s to pull back when everyone is moving forward. But this is exactly what must be done in order to propel the organization forward. The job of a CEO is to set the direction and to slow the organization down so that plans can be put into place for controlled growth. Once this is done, the CEO will be able to return to the job of leading the organization and bringing in new business.

As job dissatisfaction heats up, don't let your company lose the game of musical chairs.

Recent surveys show that the majority of workers will look for new jobs in 2012, yet employers continue to operate as if everything is fine. As workers are asked to do more with less, high performance workers are more in demand than ever. Executives and business owners should be identifying their best talent and working diligently to understand what is required to keep their best people from being poached by their competitors. The cost of employee turnover can put a huge dent in profits and can cripple some organizations. Those who will be most successful are the ones who take action before the floodgates open.

Elimination of distractions.

Workplace conflict happens in almost every organization and is a huge distraction. Everyone knows it’s happening, but few executives and business owners are prepared to deal with it. Conflict surges in tough economic times, as people fight for scarce resources. Those who learn how to confront without conflict will be able to quickly diffuse situations and return to the business of growth. Business leaders that create cultures of commitment, rather than compliance, will find themselves thriving in any economy.

“As a fellow business owner and former executive, I understand what it’s like to be responsible for business growth in challenging economic times. That’s why I’m offering a unique opportunity for business executives and owners to participate in the 2012 Profitability Accelerator Teleconference Series, which I’m offering for free, for a limited period of time. When we look back at which companies thrived and which failed in 2012, I’ll be examining how business leaders fulfilled their obligations in each of these three categories,” said Matuson. “All of these tips can help accelerate business growth in any economy, but in 2012, there will be more pressure to produce results, with less people on hand to propel the organization forward.”

Roberta Matuson is CEO of Human Resource Solutions and the author of the international best seller, Suddenly in Charge, a Washington Post Top 5 Book for Leaders. Her firm works with executives to increase profitability by maximizing employee contribution. Matuson is a keynote speaker and has worked directly with CEOs and senior executives around the world over the last decade. For more information about Roberta Matuson visit

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