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Tampa, FL, May 03, 2007 --( TelSim Software is launching NOAH, a dynamic and powerful animated character technology for e-learning and web-based business solutions. A Flash-based product, NOAH can integrate with web- or Flash-based coursework, and is compatible with most browsers. It does not require any server-side installations, proprietary course authoring tools, or special downloads. NOAH works on the 98+% of computers that have Flash player 6 or above. It also works well on lower bandwidth connections; most avatars are less than 25K and the NOAH engine is less than 30K.

Where current avatar-based technologies are static and do little more than deliver an emotionless speech in the corner of a web page, NOAH moves around the page to point out important messages while displaying a wide range of emotions. NOAH’s mobility means that critical messages or page elements can be pointed out, highlighted, and explained to improve understanding and focus.

One improvement from older technologies is that NOAH can easily execute and integrate with JavaScript and ActionScript commands during its speech, which means that NOAH can pop up images, animations, text, links, sales messages, or instructions whenever the designer wants to draw special attention to something during a speech. This makes possible almost any conceivable user interaction. For web sites this is an interactive way to increase cart or form completions by guiding and encouraging the visitor.

NOAH can be called by JavaScript or ActionScript functions as well. This means that users can click a button or link for the display of avatar-delivered on-demand information, appropriate for help buttons. This also means that appropriate feedback based on user inputs for tests or social scenarios can be displayed, for example when a correct or incorrect answer is selected. For web sites, this can be a user-friendly way to point out missing form fields.

Because NOAH avatars display believable emotions, they are considered more engaging than "talking images" and seem to improve learner engagement and retention. Stanford University has several papers that discuss this. NOAH is designed to be an engaging and believable coach, co-learner, advisor, guide, or teacher who can point out and explain critical content, encourage the learner, and be a learning partner.

"After years of research and the use of many different learning agent technologies, I chose to use the NOAH technology. NOAH can be integrated completely and seamlessly into an e-learning course. As soon as my clients saw it, they immediately understood how much it would add to the learning experience", reports Gina Richter of

For web sites, showing emotions creates a warmer, more personal site environment.

Developers can implement NOAH easily with the easy-to-use editing program. Either pre-recorded voice files or speeches created with the Text-To-Speech engine are uploaded to the editor where emotions, looks, move commands or function calls are inserted along the timeline. The NOAH avatars can take almost any form, from full-bodied humans to simple cartoons. The 72 standard avatars are customizable. The Avatar Playground at ( provides a way to get to know what the avatars can do.

A full presentation on NOAH is available at NOAH’s web site is located at

"Our NOAH system represents the next generation of animated character technology, jumping ahead of static talking images to provide significant benefit as a web-based business solution and an important new way to improve e-learning projects," says TelSim Software’s founder and CEO, Timothy A Freriks.

TelSim Software, a software development company located in Tampa, FL, has been engaged in the development of business solutions and e-learning since 1995.

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